About Maine First Media

The lying, dying, Fake News media in Maine has dropped the ball!

Maine First Media is proud to pick up that ball with our unique brand of “news with a view.” We offer Real News for Real Mainers.

Fake News outlets pretend to be unbiased and report on “just the facts ma’am.” They claim to offer fair and balanced reporting.

But time-and-time again, the Portland Press Herald, Bangor Daily News, Lewiston Sun Journal, Maine Beacon (run by George Soros’ Marxist Pedophile Authority, or so-called Maine People’s Alliance) and the rest of the Fake News outlets in Maine fail Mainers!

They fail to cover important stories that don’t fit their phony narrative. They fail to report on essential angles to paint a more accurate picture of what’s really going on. And they fail to even address an entire side of the debate.

And that’s why Maine First Media exists. Because the Fake News outlets have failed you. We are doing our best to cover the stories they won’t, report on the angles they refuse to see and address the side of the debate they ignore.

Our reports have been featured on Tucker Carlson, Info Wars, Daily Caller, Breitbart News and more.

Fake News Outlets like Bangor Daily News, Manchester Union Leader and the Boston Herald, have all run hit pieces against us. Twitter has deleted more than 3,500 of our followers and shadow-banned us. The Leftist media does not want alternative voices being heard. Their goal is to silence dissenters so it appears that all reasonable people agree with their far-Left agenda.

Maine First Media covers the Maine-First agenda traditional media outlets ignore — or worse yet — paint in a negative light.

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Thank you for your loyal support. If you keep reading and sharing, we’ll keep reporting!