Mills Beats Moody

11/7/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The first leg of the new Democrat trifecta comes in the form of Maine’s new Governor-elect, Janet Mills.

Unfortunately, the far-Left Mills easily defeated moderate Republican Shawn Moody.

Mills will step into the Blaine House following eight years of conservative governing from Gov. Paul LePage that has the Maine economy in the best shape it’s been in decades.

Mills term as Governor will spell the end of fiscal sanity in Augusta.

As of early Wednesday morning, the tally was Mills 49.7%, Moody 44.2% and Lefty-Indy, Terry Hayes sitting at a lowly 6.1%

Remember, while Moody largely funded his own campaign, and Mills was mostly funded by out-of-state Dark Money, Hayes forced you to fund her 6% to the tune of about $150,000 per percentage point.

Democrats also easily took back control of the State Senate and expanded their lead in the State House, with Republicans in — what were considered — relatively safe districts falling to defeat.

With their trifecta in hand, Democrats have already targeted expanding Medicaid for the Young and Healthy as a top priority, and you can bet that is just the beginning.