Maine Voters Defeat Universal Home Care Scam

11/7/18, Maine First Project Staff Report,

It was one of the lone election-night bright spots for Mainers against a radical agenda for the Pine Tree State.

George Soro’s Marxist Pedophile Authority (or so-called Maine People’s Alliance) were unable to scam Maine voters into voting to pay for free home care for non-citizens — including illegal aliens.

Funding Universal Home Care for non-citizens — while Maine’s elderly and disabled populations suffer on waiting lists — was just one of the many problems the MPA proposal created.

Fortunately, Mainers saw through the scam — voting it down by a tally of 63.5% to 36.5%.

Every gubernatorial candidate in the general election came out against the Question 1 scheme to raise taxes and create death panels. Even Gov. Paul LePage and former Gov. John Baldacci agreed, the only answer for Question 1 was a resounding “no.”

The four bond measures on the ballot all look like they will pass as of early Wednesday morning.

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