King Angus Cruises to Re-Election

11/7/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Democrat-in-Disguise, Angus King is heading back to the U.S. Senate for another six-year term.

King Angus sauntered to an easy victory Tuesday night over Liberty Republican Eric Brakey and criminal Democrat-Socialist Zac Ringelstein.

As of early Wednesday morning, Sen. King had secured about 54% of the vote, compared to nearly 36% for Brakey and just 10% for protester Ringelstein.

King campaigns as an independent, but caucuses and votes exclusively with the Democrats.

Brakey’s performance is marketably better than the GOP’s showing against King in 2012 — when Charlie Summers didn’t manage to register even 30% of the vote. However, King only received 51% in that same election.

The Democrat-in-Disguise used large majorities in areas like Portland, South Portland, Freeport, Yarmouth and Brunswick to stretch his margin of victory.

King’s fellow Democrat Senate candidates didn’t fare as well outside of Maine. As of early Wednesday morning, Republicans had either already defeated or were leading races in five U.S. Senate seats with Democrat incumbents (IN, ND, MO, MT, FL). Meanwhile, Only one GOP candidate lost his Senate seat Tuesday night — moderate Republican, Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, who lost to radical Leftist Jacky Rosen.

Despite Sen. King’s victory, Republicans look like they could be expanding their U.S. Senate advantage to a 55-45 majority.