Views From the MAGA Boat: Maine Runs on Lobster

10/11/18, with Sean Carlson,

***WARNING*** Video contains some profane language and lots of strong opinions. While Leftists would stand to gain a lot from watching this video — they stand a strong risk of being offended. But in fairness, what doesn’t offend them?

America may run on Dunkin’ but Maine runs on lobster!

Maine’s economy is reliant upon the fishing industry, and in particular, the lobster industry.

Beyond the tens of thousands of Mainers who work directly in the lobster industry, so many others are impacted by it. Boat building, repairs, maintenance, bait supplying, restaurants, gas stations, hardware stores, the list goes on and on.

In this week’s episode of Views From the MAGA Boat, our lobsterman provides some insights into the Lobster Economy that the Pine Tree State is so dependant upon.

New regulations coming down the pike — aimed at supposedly saving a whale or two every year — could bring the Lobster economy crashing down and devestateMaine families and the state as a whole.

Lobsterman, Sean Carlson, also explains why the GOP is a better option for Maine fisherman than the Democrat Party. According to the MAGA Man of the Sea, now is the time for fisherman to pick sides in this political battle.

And is Democrat Gubernatorial candidate, Janet Mills, spreading lies about the Trump Tariffs to suppress the Lobster Vote? Carlson has the answer.

Carlson is the owner and operator of Long Cove Lobster. He’s also proud to have been a Trump supporter from the beginning of the business mogul’s rise to White House. Carlson even flies a “deplorable” flag on his lobster boat.

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