Views From the MAGA Boat: Behind the Scenes of the Maine Lobster Industry

10/18/18, with Sean Carlson,

***WARNING*** Video contains some profane language and lots of strong opinions. Lefty millennials or far-Left parents of stereotypical millennials should run to a safe space, as you will be offended watching this video.

The lobster industry is a large community in Maine.

But the community extends far beyond just lobstermen.

In this week’s episode of Views From the MAGA Boat, Maine lobsterman Sean Carlson gives us an inside glimpse behind the scenes of lobstering in Maine’s mid-coast.

Watch as the MAGA man of the sea visits Superior Bait and shares some laughs at the expense of Elizabeth Warren, ObamaCare and Al Sharpton.

And the conversation gets serious when these hardworking Mainers discuss health insurance and illegal immigration.

This week’s episode aims to give viewers insight into the process, from getting bait, to loading traps onto the boat, to catching the lobsters and even adding up the profits.

And you’ll enjoy the cute stowaway we find on Carlson’s boat!

Carlson is the owner and operator of Long Cove Lobster. He’s also proud to have been a Trump supporter from the beginning of the business mogul’s rise to White House. Carlson even flies a “deplorable” flag on his lobster boat.

Please share this story and help get President Donald Trump on the MAGA Boat! Connecting with Maine’s fishermen and mobilizing them to vote Right, is the lynchpin to turning Maine Red.

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