The Red Dogs Awaken

10/5/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

They say you should always “let sleeping dogs lie.”

But radical Leftists didn’t listen.

The treatment of SCOTUS nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh is acting as an alarm clock for “Trump voters” who had been lying dormant. It seemed as though President Donald Trump’s red dogs were lying in bed, satisfied from a big dinner and a long day of playing fetch.

You see, in many ways, President Trump has been a victim of his own success. It is easier to motivate the angry to take action than it is to motivate the content to stay that way.

The complacency of Trump supporters was Democrats’ best bet heading into the November Midterms. The Trump economy is hitting record numbers with nearly every quarterly report. More people are working. Families are keeping more of their own paychecks. The President is ushering in new and better trade deals with the European Union, Mexico and Canada. He’s putting pressure on China (and it’s working, despite phony fears stirred up by Maine Democrats). He’s fighting for merit-based immigration reforms and a big, beautiful, border wall.

After Donald Trump’s historic rise to the White House, the Left was triggered. They started making a spectacle of themselves, shutting down commerce with Pink Pussy Hat Protests — including the supposed, “Million Woman March.”

The red dogs slept.

Leftist swamp creatures in safe districts began ranting and raving about impeaching President Trump. Did the President commit a high crime or misdemeanor? No, they just don’t approve of his tweets.

In fact, Rep. Maxine Waters says she wakes up in the middle of the night thinking of ways to, “get” the President.

Still, the red dogs slept.

With momentum and anger on their side, Democrats rushed to the polls and won a series of special elections while conservatives took their eyes off the ball.

They were even able to win a Senate race in the ruby-red state of Alabama. Of course, it took a phony charge of sexual impropriety to take down Roy Moore — a tactic the Left seems to be pretty comfortable with. But it was an upset win, in a seat the GOP should have had zero problems holding.

Still, the red dogs slept.

RINO Senators — including our own Sen. Clueless Susan Collins — banded together to prevent the repeal of Obamacare and continue penalizing millions of Americans who couldn’t afford the massive Obamacare premium increases. It was a broken promise nearly a decade in the making.

Still, the red dogs slept.

The Left followed Sal Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to the letter. They began attacking conservatives where they eat and live. Ted Cruz, Sarah Sanders and many others — including black, female, conservative Candace Owens as seen in the video below — have been harassed by Leftist at restaurants.

Still, the red dogs slept.

It wasn’t good enough for conservatives to be forced out of eating establishments. The Left then went after their livelihoods. All across the country, the unhinged Left attempted to get conservatives fired from their places of employment. Not for breaking any company rules, or underperforming for customers. No, for favoring different policies.

In Waterville, Mayor Nick Isgro was attacked for his belief in the 2nd Amendment. Did Democrats decide to launch a campaign to beat him in a re-election race? No, they fought to have him recalled and went after his job at a private bank.

Still, the red dogs slept.

Never to let facts get in the way of a looney-Leftist story, they fabricated lies about children being kept in cages and separated from their families by ICE at the border. In fact, mainstream Democrat politicians, like our own Sen. King Angus called for ICE to be eliminated.

Still, the red dogs slept.

They claim to be the party of science, but the Left engaged in a war on gender. They’ve boycotted companies for not going along with allowing men in the ladies’ room next to your daughter. In Maine, they were even successful in obtaining gender-confused driver’s license.

Still, the red dogs slept.

Recently, once again defying the science they claim to abide by — the Fake News media blamed President Trump for Hurricane Florence. They’ve also blamed him for the Puerto Rican government’s mishandling of disaster relief efforts. They blame the President for getting a text message they didn’t like — while testing out the new Presidential Alert System. They’ve even blamed President Trump for school shootings.

Still, the red dogs slept.

This is not meant as a condemnation of the red dogs — not in the least. They truly are man’s best friend, the protectors of American exceptionalism and the watchdogs over the swamp.

However, the coordinated effort to keep Donald J. Trump away from the White House was a political war. But it was a political war the red dogs won.

Tired from the fighting, and confident the winning would continue — they decided to rest up for the inevitable round two coming in 2020.

The red dogs slept — until the Left poked them one too many times.

As Maine First Media’s Professor John Frary points out in his timeline piece, Democrats began objecting to Kavanaugh before the President even announced the nomination.

It wasn’t long before the Social Justice Agitators were sending coat hangers and rape threats to Sen. Collins and her staff.

Paid-protesters flocked to D.C. to resist the potential appointment of a fifth Pro-Life Justice.

The University of Maine even introduced a pop-up course, offering a free college credit — and a free trip to the Capitol — for students who were willing to travel to D.C. and protest against Judge Kavanaugh.

NOW…the red dogs are awake, rested and hungry!

The organized assault on the character, reputation, property and family of Judge Kavanaugh has every conservative man fearing they could be next on the chopping block.

And while the media would have you believe every human who was either born female or at least identifies that way, or who at one point in their life, being a woman was their own, personal truth, will be riding surfboards on the blue wave November 6th — it is the mommas of the red dog pack who are perhaps the angriest.

Conservative women see the all-out attack on Judge Kavanaugh for what it is — disgusting political theater. And they worry their husbands or sons could be targeted next — and without cause.

Polls in battleground U.S. Senate races are already showing the massive backlash against these extreme Democrat tactics.

The red dogs were complacent, but now they’re ready to protect the household.

If Democrats hadn’t overplayed their hand — If they hadn’t played such dirty pool — many red dogs would have continued napping until 2020.

But now, they are awake — and they will be voting.

It may not be a red wave in 2018; it may just be the bark and bite of the red dogs making America great again.