Surgeon General’s Warning: The Low-Balling Left and the Bid for the Blaine House

10/18/18, with Sean Ross Still,

***WARNING*** Video contains strong language and opinions. May not be suitable for small children or triggered Leftists who spend their spare time in safe spaces.


Maine Democrats are aiming low against Republican gubernatorial candidate, Shawn Moody.

And unfortunately for Moody, Maine’s Fake News outlets are acting as obedient lap dogs, pushing the phony stories.

In this week’s Surgeon General’s Warning, host Sean Ross Still examines three cheap tricks the Left is playing to try and be first across the finish line on November 6th’s election day.

Low-ball attack #1: 12-years ago a Moody Collision employee once made a report of sex discrimination. The Moody campaign says the allegations are false. And the claim was eventually dropped. The complaint said the woman was let go because she couldn’t perform her duties after she got pregnant — claiming sex discrimination.

This is straight out of the new Democrat playbook. Expect claims like these to prop up for any Republican running for a high-profile office. We’ve recently endured these same attacks against President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Low-ball attack #2: During a debate, Moody detailed the pyramid scheme of government education funding — and how these funds never make their way down to the students in the classroom. Of course, attack ads and Reade Brower’s Fake News Empire twisted Moody’s comments, taking them out of context and saying Moody believes Maine schools are over-funded.

Again, misquoting a Republican and taking their comments out of context are a tried-and-true tactic of the radical Left — just ask Rep. Larry Lockman.

Low-ball attack #3: Democrats and the media are complaining that the Moody campaign has too much money. Pretty hypocritical considering Mills is enjoying hundreds of thousands of dollars more in support from outside groups than Moody is receiving. And a large portion of Moody’s campaign war chest is self-funded, thanks to his success as a businessman — a business that is 40% owned by the company’s workers.

Class warfare — nothing new to see here folks.

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