Surgeon General’s Warning: The Ban on Bags

10/29/18, with Sean Ross Stills,

***WARNING*** Video contains strong language and opinions. May not be suitable for small children or triggered Leftists who spend their spare time in safe spaces.

On November 6th, Waterville residents will be voting on a potential plastic bag ban.

The ballot initiative is being forced down the throat of Waterville by the Green Crony Corporatist organization, Sustain Maine Mid Maine Coalition. The radical environmental group got its foot in the door during the Left’s attempt to recall Mayor Nick Isgro for standing up for your 2nd Amendment rights on Twitter.

The Bag Ban would force residents to either pay five-cents per plastic bag while shopping, or bring their own reusable bag to the grocery store.

As Surgeon General’s Warning’s Sean Ross Still explains, the problem with reusable bags is, people don’t clean them.

Anyone with a cat know the feline affinity for sleeping — and sometimes peeing — in bags. In fact, store clerks say the smell of cat urine is a frequent and disturbing issue with reusable bags.

It’s far from sanitary to have ammonia-scented, cat-urine soaked tots riding on the same conveyor belt as your blueberries and potatoes.

The bill also opens Pandora’s Box of other bans. For example, we’ve seen other cities go after a ban on plastic straws. Would disposable diapers be next? A new law forcing you to wash poopy pampers?

The Sustain Mid Maine Coalition bill was passed by the Leftist Waterville City Council but promptly vetoed by Mayor Isgro. The Council had enough votes to override the veto, which is why the initiative is on the ballot on election day.

This is yet another example of the need to replace the current makeup of the Council.

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