Surgeon General’s Warning: Grandpa Always Said, Don’t Vote, Don’t Complain

10/4/18, with Sean Ross Still

***WARNING*** Video contains strong language and opinions. May not be suitable for small children or triggered Leftists who spend their spare time in safe spaces.

Early voting is underway for the Maine Midterms.

September 25th was the opening day for early voting. You can find where to do your early voting by clicking here.

Democrats typically do a better job getting their voters to the polls early than the GOP does.

The advantage is, early voters can then concentrate on getting out the vote for their candidates of choice.

With that in mind, the latest edition of the Surgeon General’s Warning features Host, Sean Ross Still, recalling a recent run-in with a Leftist troll. And Still has a special message for the triggered troll.

He also passes along words to live by his grandfather taught him.

And lets us know about some upcoming Maine gubernatorial debates.

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