State Senator’s Pattern of Swamp Behavior Exposed

10/29/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

State Senate candidate James LaBrecque is not pulling any punches in his bid to knock off incumbent Democrat Geoff Gratwick.

While other politicians mince words and beat around the bush, LaBrecque is not a politician. He’s an energy expert and entrepreneur and has been working at Gov. Paul LePage’s side.

LaBrecque has brought to light the swampy record of Sen. Gratwick — including a Class E criminal conviction, fines from the Ethics Commission and violations to the State Constitution.

The single daddy of a special needs child is hosting a forum fulling laying out the case against Gratwick, Thursday, November 1 in Bangor. Gov. LePage is scheduled to be speaking at the event. You can find more details here.

Gratwick’s conviction stems from a 2001 incident where the Leftist stole Beaver traps from hunters.

The Swampy Senator and his lapdogs at the Portland Press Herald are making light of the incident — as if theft is not a big deal. Sen. Gratwick — a lawmaker — even says he didn’t know stealing traps was illegal.

But LaBrecque believes Bangor and Hermon voters deserve to know about Sen. Gratwick’s pattern of bad behavior.

“Based on his own statement, this is theft,” LaBrecque said. I hate to make his Class E criminal conviction the whole story; it’s the long 16-year history of consistent disregard for the law that’s important. The Democrats thought it was important enough to make the top of the fold in the State section of the Bangor Daily News last weekend — but after one of their’s has a criminal record it is now unimportant?”

Gratwick’s Criminal Record can be found at the Bangor District Court House Docket # (BANDCCR200100050). But Sen. Gratwick’s sticky fingers aren’t the entire story.

The Maine Ethics Commission fined Sen. Gratwick $5,000 last election cycle for a late filing. While Sen. Gratwick played it off as a simple clerical error, the late filing from the Welfare for Politicians candidate was for $9,000 about a third of his entire expenditure in that reporting period.

“I could see making a $90 or possibly a 10% error of as much as a $900 error, but to not notice that you were $9,000.00 or 30% off the mark is not believable,” LaBrecque said.

Mismanaging a third of his expenses for the reporting period is not a great sign of Sen. Gratwick’s ability to be a steward of our tax dollars.

And from the pictures below, it appears the Gratwick campaign is violating more Ethics rules. He’s clearly placed signs in places they’re off limits — polling locations.

This isn’t the first time Sen. Gratwick has campaigned against the rules. As reported by As Maine Goes, election officials previously warned Sen. Gratwick about campaigning too close to polling locations.

In addition to his criminal record and Ethics violations, Sen. Gratwick has also displayed a disregard for the document that governs our government.

This legislative session, Sen. Gratwick supported multiple pieces of legislation that clearly didn’t measure up to “emergency” status — including LD 1504, the Solar Scam.

According to the Maine Constitution, even-year legislative sessions are meant for proposals from the governor and emergency legislation.

In odd years, legislators can act on any bills they like.

The Maine Constitution mandated that variance as a way of establishing a balance of powers.

According to Article IV, Part Third, Section 1 of the Maine Constitution:

“…The business of the second regular session of the Legislature shall be limited to budgetary matters; legislation in the Governor’s call; legislation of an emergency nature admitted by the Legislature.”

And “emergency” is defined as:

“…Only such measures as are immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health or safety.”

Both LaBrecque — special advisor to Gov. LePage on energy policies — and Maine-first Rep. Beth O’Connor requested Sen. Gratwick act to stop the legislation. He did not. In fact, he supported it.

“Gratwick puts the good old boy network above the Maine constitution because he’s gutless and he benefits quid quo pro from cooperating with other equally bad legislators,” LaBrecque said. Those who do nothing to protect the constitution from abuse are nothing more than an accomplice. Gratwick is an accomplice to the constitutional violations and his oath of office to uphold the constitution and laws of this state.”

And while Gratwick is complaining that LaBrecque is hitting low (is the truth low?) perhaps the Senator needs to look in the mirror.

Back in 2012, then-candidate Gratwick defeated then-Senator Nichi Farnham following a series of nasty attacks from Gratwick and the Democrat Party. Outside groups spent more than $100,000 smearing Farnham.

Taking outside money is nothing new from the Candidate Welfare addict Gratwick. In his past three elections cycles — in addition to his Candidate Welfare cash he forced from you to fund his campaign — Sen. Gratwick has had nearly half of a million dollars spent on his behalf.

  • 2012: $245,683.54
  • 2014: $197,254,50
  • 2016: $22,002.64

Maine First Media reached out to Sen. Gratwick, but he hasn’t responded as of the time of this posting.

Again, LaBrecque will be going over all these examples of Sen. Gratwick’s pattern of swamp behavior — and more —  with Gov. LePage at Husson University’s Komisky Auditorium, Thursday, Nov. 1st at 6 pm.