Somali Activist Targeting Maine Businesses With Discrimination Complaints

10/18/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

A Somali Muslim Social Justice Agitator with a history of stirring up trouble in Maine is at it again.

Hamdia Ahmed appears to be on a mission to get all Maine baristas fired.

In her latest publicity stunt, Ahmed made a scene at a Portland Dunkin Donuts — claiming a staffer had discriminated against her.

First, there was the below exchange at the drive-thru. Conveniently — and typical of Ahmed’s accusations — her video picks up AFTER the alleged discrimination, and shows her bullying an employee. Ahmed “coincidentally” cuts the video off the moment after the employe threatens to call the cops.

The University of Southern Maine student claims she was politely speaking to her family in the car in her native tongue, when the older lady over the intercom demanded she stops yelling and leave.

In the video, the lady seems relatively calm, though she was clearly frustrated with the conversation and ready to move on. Whereas it was Hamdia doing all the yelling.

The cops did arrive — and after talking with both Ahmed and the employee, they issued Ahmed a no trespass warning. Ahmed then took to Twitter and Facebook asking her radical followers to boycott the shop. Ahmed claims the “no trespass for a year” punishment was rescinded by the store manager, who supposedly apologized to her. Dunkin Donut’s corporate office also caved into protester pressure and offered an apology.

Tuesday, the wannabe model held a protest of the coffee and donut establishment. About 12 of her radical friends joined her.

Maine’s Fake News media also showed up to lend credence to the pathetic protest.

This is not Ahmed’s first time verbally harassing a coffee shop worker — and then using her “impromptu” video to try and go viral on social media in an effort to boost her modeling career.

In fact, it was just weeks ago; she caused a similar problem at a Old Port Starbucks. She bullied a barista after the Professional Victim didn’t approve of the employee’s reaction to being asked to recite the ingredients in vanilla. Ahmed called the incident “Islamaphobic” because she claims she can’t have alcohol due to her Muslim faith — and some vanilla contains alcohol.

The triggered refugee took to Twitter once again about the incident — but all record of the exchange, including the video of Ahmed harassing the young lady has been scrubbed from the internet.

Newscenter Maine bought into the story hook, line and sinker — below you can see the sound bite they ran from Ahmed.

In the interview, you hear Ahmed say she’s never experienced anything as racist as the alleged eye-roll the Starbucks barista gave her.

However, if you follow the Social Justice Agitator’s Twitter feed, she is constantly complaining of racism, Islamophobia and discrimination.

In fact, she suggests people are leaving Maine because it’s such a racist place.

When she’s not causing public disturbances at coffee houses, the entitled millennial enjoys taking social media shots at the police who protect the protests she likes organizing so much.

Ahmed has also used her Twitter and Facebook account to spew anti-American sentiments and spread hate for white people. All while Maine’s Fake News Media touts her as one of the Pine Tree State’s “best and brightest.”

Reading the coverage of Ahmed’s “bravery” for wearing a hijab during the Miss Maine pageant.

Interesting to note, she was taken in by this country, lives in a mostly-white state, received public education, goes to a public university, and was even invited to throw out the first pitch at a Boston Red Sox game — all while complaining about how terrible this country is.

The Social Justice Agitator had a run in with Maine First Media’s James Mosher, when she and her triggered peers decided to protest Jeff Sessions’ appearance in Portland to fight against the opioid epidemic.

It’s Hamdia you hear yelling in the background about Islam being a “peaceful religion.”

While Ahmed is complaining about America, making false discrimination complaints, playing the darling of Maine’s Fake News media and exploiting people to gain Twitter notoriety — it is low-paid, hardworking women who are the victims of Ahmed’s shameless and selfish “social justice” vendetta.

Stay tuned to find out which high-profile business will be Hamdia’s next unwitting victim.