Obama Endorsing Maine Legislative Candidates

10/4/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Former President Barack Hussein Obama is trying to influence Maine legislative races.

Obama and his legacy as one of the worst President’s have unleashed his second round of legislative endorsements for races across the country.

Several candidates from the Pine Tree State are receiving the nod of approval from the ex-president.

Obama is endorsing Rep. Jared Golden (D-Lewiston) in the Leftist’s bid to knock off Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-CD) in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District race. 

However, Obama isn’t sticking to federal contests.

The following Democrats also were given the thumb up from the Sal Alinsky protege in his second wave of endorsement:

  • Karen Kusiak (Senate District 16);
  • Tom Wright (Senate District 34);
  • Tiffany Roberts-Lovell (House District 6);
  • Diane Denk (House District 9);
  • Keley McNamara (House District 21);
  • Chris Caiazzo (House District 28);
  • Steve Ball (House District 80);
  • Jennifer Day (House District 86);
  • Chloe Maxmin (House District 88);
  • Holly Stover (House District 89).

Of those races, Denk and Day are likely in the most competitive races. Denk is taking on Roger Seavey, for Roger’s brother — Steadman Seavey’s — current seat. Meanwhile, Day is up against Justin Fecteau in another open-seat contest.

Another endorsement to keep an eye on is McNamara’s in the 21st District. The seat is currently held by Maine-first Rep. Heidi Sampson, who has been a crusader against Obama-era education policies.

While some of the districts that made Obama’s list may seem safe — they must now be taken seriously, as the favorite son of the Democrat Party wouldn’t be issuing endorsements if the Party didn’t see potential in the districts.

Back in Augusta, the former president unveiled his first round of endorsement. Three Democrat Maine State Senate candidate in tough contests picked up the “honor.”

  • Louis Luchini (Senate District 7);
  • Laura Fortman (Senate District 13).
  • Linda Sanborn (Senate District 30);

Luchini is taking on Rep. Richard Malaby. Fortman is trying to unseat Sen. Dana Dow. And Sanborn is attempting to remove Sen. Amy Volk.

You can read more details about each of those contests in our competitive race breakdowns elsewhere in this volume of the Maine Event.

Democrats currently hold a 73-30 advantage over the GOP in the State House — and are one seat behind Republicans in the State Senate.

Control of both chambers of the Coliseum on the Kennebec is up for grabs November 6th.