Muslim Man Leads Police On Dangerous, High-Speed Chase

10/11/18, Maine First Project Staff Report,

This past weekend, Maine State Police chased a Muslim man through Yarmouth — as the suspect weaved in and out of traffic.

State Police say Mohammed Alzamili’s driving was dangerous as he sped on I-295 toward Portland.

Trooper Patrick Flanagan pulled Alzamili over for erratic driving. However, as Alzamili appeared to be pulling over, he suddenly hit the gas and took off.

The chase reached speeds of 110 mph.

From I-295 in Yarmouth, the chase continued to Portland, where Alzamili exited onto Washington Avenue. He then turned right onto Anderson Street and then Fox Street.

According to State Police, while on Fox Street, Alzamili nearly ran down several people at the Rising Tide Brewing Company.

Trooper Flanagan has to slow down due to all the pedestrians and lost sight of Alzamili as he sped away from the scene.

Alzamili parked his car behind a building hid.

Police were able to later find Alzamili who then ran away. After a foot chase, Alzamili was caught entering his apartment on Fox Street and arrested him.

Alzamili was taken to Cumberland County Jail. He’s facing charges of Eluding an Officer (Class C), Aggravated Driving to Endanger (Class C), Failure to submit to arrest (Class C) and Criminal Speed (Class E).

Portland is a Harboring Haven, and law enforcement is not allowed to inquire as to the immigration status of suspects. Officers are also not permitted to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement agencies.

Zach Gelpey, Executive Director of Maine First Project, says Portland’s Harboring Haven polices put Maine families at risk.

“The cops in Portland have been handcuffed and muzzled by the Portland City Council,” Gelpey said. “Police were not allowed to ask this guy about his immigration status. And the cops aren’t allowed to share any information about this guy with ICE. That means Alzamili — if applicable — won’t face deportation and could put the lives of more Mainers in danger once he’s back on the streets.”

Maine First Project advocates for defunding Harboring Havens, mandating E-Verify, cutting off welfare benefits for illegal aliens and fixing the refugee resettlement racket.

It should be pointed out, that due to Portland’s Harboring Haven status, Alzamili’s arrest won’t be reflected in crime statistics for non-citizens.

Tropper Flanagan should be praised for pursuing the suspect and eventually apprehending him, without injuring any innocent bystanders.

  • You need to start looking at what is making the citizens of Portland more like California, and even more passive and confused. There is more than one primitive, atavistic cult religion in our midst.They are now working, behind the scenes, to particularly confuse both the young and the old with their eastern memes. The one that is under the radar, is tied into the radical left, and the fundamentalist right, in a syncretic ‘secular spirituality’ and ‘secular ethics’ that is neither secular nor ethical. They are now working with China as China’s soft power in the West. They are busy all over Maine, to make Maine like Vermont, and are as misogynistic, and as determined to have its own ‘civilization jihad’ by stealth; but come with a smiling face and a mindfulness movement to get more people ‘not to judge’, that is making our police force more passive, and with hands tied behind their back, and forced to ‘not judge’ criminals and sexual abuse and even pedophilia in our midst. Making more young people not believing in history, or facts; preferring emotions over reason. It is the hidden reason that more ‘liberal’ Mainers are not able to think straight about what is healthy or not for themselves and their society of individual social, economic and cultural freedoms under due process of the law and our Constitution.

  • These illegal bastards are not wanted here!!! Endangering American citizens!!!! Who the hell are the IDIOTS allowing harboring havens? Vote them out and let the police do the jobs we pay them for!!! ILLEGALS HAVE NO RIGHTS!!!! THEY SHOULDN’T BE HERE TO BEGIN WITH!!!

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