*Maine Midterms* Senate District 9: Gratwick vs. LaBrecque

10/4/18, Maine First Media,

This week, Maine First Media is taking individual looks at some of the most competitive state Senate races in the Pine Tree State.

While focusing on the gubernatorial race and federal contests — it is important not to overlook these legislative battles.

Control of the Coliseum on the Kennebec is up for grabs November 6th.

Republicans hold a single vote majority in the State Senate, and there are races that are too close to call.

Next week we’ll look at the most hotly contested State House Races. Currently, Democrats hold a 73-70 advantage over the GOP in the House.

Senate District 9: Gratwick vs. LaBrecque


This Bangor seat should be somewhat safe for incumbent Leftist Geoffrey Gratwick.

President Trump only recieved about 42% of the vote in the distirct, while picking up almost 45% of the vote statewide and winning the 2nd District.

However, Energy Expert Jim LaBrecque is making things interesting with a unique message.

Having worked closely with Gov. Paul LePage for many years, and being a constant target of Fake News attacks, LaBrecque has far more name recognition than the typical first-time challenger.

Unlike traditional GOP candidates, LaBrecque is not focusing solely on a campaign about taxes and jobs. Instead, he’s focused on draining the swamp of Augusta and lowering energy bills for his constituents.

The Energy Expert is also waging war against Maine’s lying, dying, Fake News outlets. Should he win election, he says he plans to introduce legislation that would force accountability in journalism.

It’s a winning message, but it will be an uphill battle to upset Gratwick this cycle.

If he’s able to knock-off the swampy Gratwick, LaBrecque will jump to the top of the list ( a VERY short list) of Maine-first Senators.

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