*Maine Midterms* Senate District 8: Rosen vs. Uhlenhake

10/4/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

This week, Maine First Media is taking individual looks at some of the most competitive state Senate races in the Pine Tree State.

While focusing on the gubernatorial race and federal contests — it is important not to overlook these legislative battles.

Control of the Coliseum on the Kennebec is up for grabs November 6th.

Republicans hold a single vote majority in the State Senate, and there are races that are too close to call.

Next week we’ll look at the most hotly contested State House Races. Currently, Democrats hold a 73-70 advantage over the GOP in the House.

Senate District 8: Rosen vs. Uhlenhake

East of Bangor, From Lincoln to Castine

Incumbent RINO Senator, Kim Rosen should be safe in her bid for a third term.

In 2016, Rossen ran unopposed. In 2014, she won by almost 12-points. Additionally, the many rural towns comprising the 8th district are conservative by nature.

However, Rosen’s swampy record could be catching up to her. And with President Trump securing nearly 52% of the vote in the district in 2016, there’s no reason for her RINO voting record.

And the word in the district is, Democrat Beverly Uhlenhake is working hard on her ground game and making strides.

Rosen will likely retain her seat, but this race could be closer than it has any right to be. Hopefully, the GOP will learn and recruit someone more befitting the district make-up for 2020.