*Maine Midterms* Senate District 11: Herbig vs. Giles

10/4/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

This week, Maine First Media is taking individual looks at some of the most competitive state Senate races in the Pine Tree State.

While focusing on the gubernatorial race and federal contests — it is important not to overlook these legislative battles.

Control of the Coliseum on the Kennebec is up for grabs November 6th.

Republicans hold a single vote majority in the State Senate, and there are races that are too close to call.

Next week we’ll look at the most hotly contested State House Races. Currently, Democrats hold a 73-70 advantage over the GOP in the House.

Senate District 11: Herbig vs. Giles

Waldo County

Say so-long to termed-out Senate President Michael Thibodeau — and say hello to Senator Erin Herbig?

This is one of the Democrats prime pick-up opportunities in the Senate this cycle.

Thibodeau really shouldn’t have been in leadership, considering he barely won his district. Thibodeau only won in 2016 by 3.5-points — or about 800 votes.

In 2014 Thibodeau won by a whisker after a recount in a year when a red wave swept the state and the country. Meanwhile, President Trump was right about at his Statewide number in the 11th District, bringing in more than 44% of the vote.

Enter Democrat Rep. Erin Herbig of Belfast. Herbig is one of the most radical Leftists in the State House and had aided and abetted Swamp Speaker Gideon as Majority Leader. However, she runs in her town of Belfast as business-friendly — she’s not.

Herbig has been winning landslides since she started running.

The Representative from Belfast before Herbig won the open seat in 2010, was Herbig’s 2018 opponent, Republican Jayne Crosby Giles.

In 2008, Giles won re-election by only about 750 votes. A far cry from Herbig’s margin of victories.

Despite controversy surrounding Herbig’s time in leadership of the House (example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4) There are reasons to believe Belfast will come out in force for Herbig and give Democrats a pick-up.

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