*Maine Midterms* House District 58: Handy vs. Hurilla

10/11/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

This week, Maine First Media is taking individual looks at some of the most competitive State House races in the Pine Tree State.

While focusing on the gubernatorial race and federal contests — it is important not to overlook these legislative battles.

Control of the Coliseum on the Kennebec is up for grabs November 6th.

Currently, Democrats hold a 73-70 advantage over the GOP in the House.

Meanwhile, Republicans hold a single vote majority in the State Senate, and there are races that are too close to call.

Last week we examined some of the most hotly contested State Senate Races.

House District 58: Handy vs. Hurilla


Lewiston/Auburn is fertile ground for Maine-first candidates — which could spell trouble for incumbent Democrat Rep. James Handy.

Handy only won the seat in 2016 by 106 votes. He’s vulnerable in a district that has felt the burn of forced diversity and the Refugee Resettlement Racket first-hand.

However, it doesn’t appear Republican challenger Denise Hurilla has much interest in tackling the issues the voters in the district care about. A shame considering President Trump received 47% of the vote in Lewiston — surpassing his statewide average.

Handy could be one of the best pick-off opportunities for the GOP, but unfortunately, this looks like it could be a missed opportunity.