*Maine Midterms* House District 133: Colwell vs. Pebworth

10/11/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

This week, Maine First Media is taking individual looks at some of the most competitive State House races in the Pine Tree State.

While focusing on the gubernatorial race and federal contests — it is important not to overlook these legislative battles.

Control of the Coliseum on the Kennebec is up for grabs November 6th.

Currently, Democrats hold a 73-70 advantage over the GOP in the House.

Meanwhile, Republicans hold a single vote majority in the State Senate, and there are races that are too close to call.

Last week we examined some of the most hotly contested State Senate Races.

House District 133: Colwell vs. Pebworth

Hancock County

Nancy Colwell put up a valiant effort against incumbent Democrat Ralph Chapman in 2016.

Colwell is back for another bid in 2018, and she’s learned a lot with a full cycle of experience under her belt.

Word on the street in Hancock County is that Colwell has developed an effective ground game and is working hard.

Colwell is up against newcomer Democrat Sarah Pebworth.

Pebworth is well known in this blue-leaning district.

But Pebworth had a rough time at a debate this week. She hemmed and hawed when asked about Female Genital Mutilation and never really answered the question.

Pebworth also struggled with the gun-grabbing issue during the debate. She claimed to be for the 2nd Amendment — but said some guns should be locked up and only used on shooting ranges.

The district voters are slowly starting to wake up to the fact that their votes don’t match their culture and lifestyle. But in 2016, only about 38% of the district voted for President Donald Trump.

But only time will tell is the alarm clock rings before November 6th.