Fake News “Journalists” And Their War on Maine GOP Candidates

10/30/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Reade Brower’s Fake News Empire is getting desperate.

The last several days they’ve ratcheted up their attacks on Maine First Media, Rep. Larry Lockman and his Maine First Project non-profit organization, Sen. Eric Brakey and other Maine-first candidates for state legislature.

In fact, it seems in the mind of Maine’s “journalists” if you’re against open-borders you must be a white supremacist.

Before we break down what seems to be an organized attack by Reade Brower’s media monopoly — let’s clear the record.

All of Reade Brower’s newspapers claim to be unbiased and non-partisan.

Maine First Media openly admits to reporting from a conservative-populist point of view. Unlike Maine’s lying, dying Fake News outlets, we’re not pretending to be, “just the facts ma’am.”

We are following in the great tradition of journalism that goes back to the founding of this country. During the Revolutionary War, there were Patriot papers and Loyalist papers. During the struggle to ratify the Constitution, there were Federalist papers and Anti-Federalist papers.

If Reade Brower would come out and admit to Mainers his papers are in the tank for Democrats and Socialists in Maine — we’d have zero problems with them. It’s the lie of being “unbiased” that presents the problem.

Some more facts for you.

You’ll notice in the attacks against Maine First Media; there is a lot of citing of old stories. Maine First Media was sold in October of 2017. Anything from before that was posted by someone who hasn’t been associated with Maine First Media in any way shape or form for about one year.

We’ve consistently challenged the Fake News Outlets to point out “racist,” “conspiratorial,” or “white supremacist,” stories posted by Maine First Media over the past year. They’ve come up with zero, but continue to label our small media outlet — and anyone who has ever spoken to us — as bigots, Holocaust deniers, and conspiracy theory chasers.

Maine First Media is none of those things. Maine First Media believes policies in Maine should put Mainers before all others. We believe it is immoral to spend the tax dollars of hard-working Mainers on recruiting and giving handouts to so-called, “new Mainers,” while there are life-long Mainers who have been left behind by the special-interests driven politics at the Coliseum on the Kennebec.

And one more time — for the record — Maine First Media is NOT Rep. Larry Lockman. Although, we do agree on the best direction for Maine and appreciate his fight to put Mainers first!

With all of that out of the way — let’s look at the seemingly coordinated campaign of attacks from Reade Brower’s Fake News Empire the last several days.

First up, we have Sen. Eric Brakey, who is challenging Democrat-in-Disguise, King Angus.

Brakey seems to have seen the light on immigration and has put out a series of recent tweets campaigning for America-first immigration policies.

Read for yourself if anything racist was mentioned in any of those tweets. Did Sen. Brakey say anything that could reasonably incite violence?

Well, the Opinion Editor for the Portland Press Herald threw objective journalism out the window when commenting on the liberty Republican’s tweets.

Racist, anti-immigrant, fear mongering? For suggesting Democrats support open-borders because they need the votes in light of the failure of Socialism? Those dots don’t connect.

Kesich has a long history of pushing for the Leftist agenda in Maine while wielding editorial power at PPH. Don’t take our word for it, you can read through his columns here.

Kesich is also in favor of censoring conservative speech.

But Kesich — who’s boss is Maine media mogul, Reade Brower — wasn’t alone in making phony attacks against the GOP candidate for Maine’s U.S. Senate seat.

Andy O’Brien of The Free Press jumped on the Thought-Police bandwagon.

O’Brien is a former Democrat State Legislator. He was far-Left during his time in the Swamp of Augusta, and he’s just as radical as the Managing Editor of the Free Press — a paper owned by, once again, Reade Brower.

The Journo-Activist is suffering from a bit of an obsession with Maine First Media and Rep. Larry Lockman — who O’Brien has speculated on multiple occasions operates Maine First Media (he doesn’t).

O’Brien is allergic to facts — consistently getting information wrong, or misquoting sources. And the above tweet is no different.

Nowhere in our expose on the Democrats effort to change the political landscape of Aroostook County with an imported foreign workforce did we say Puerto Ricans were not U.S. citizens. But the social justice agitator never lets facts get in the way of his Leftist narrative.

Gab has been in the news because the Synagogue Shooter used the social media platform. A question to ask is, have any killers ever used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube? Gab has been at least temporarily shut down.

O’Brien attempted to “never let a tragedy go to waste” by linking Maine First Media to Gab.

The tweet from O’Brien was the first we had heard of Maine First Media even having a Gab account. Anything that’s been posted to the account has not come from Maine First Media.

We were curious to see if the account was active. So, we tried to go to the Gab site and find the account and see what the latest posts were — you’ll notice O’Brien didn’t “expose” any of them, making us think there probably haven’t been any posts (or whatever they’re called on Gab) in a LONG time.

When we arrived at the Gab page, we noticed the site was down. Curious — how long was O’Brien sitting on that image and waiting for the right moment to try and smear Maine First Media?

You’ll also notice it’s a logo and branding we haven’t used all year long — on any of our social media pages.

Once O’Brien made the makebelieve connection to Maine First Media and Gab, he started sharing ancient stories — from the previous ownership team — trying to paint us as conspiratorial white supremacists (we’re not). Important to note, O’Brien is aware that Maine First Media changed hands about a year ago.

And because Maine First Media has — and will continue to — shine a spotlight on George Soro’s negative influence in Maine, O’Brien insists Maine First Media must be anti-semitic. However, if you follow us on Twitter, we’re clearly not and have even lost some followers because we’re not (good riddance). We should point out, Israel has also called out Soros for his funding of a radical globalist agenda — does that make Israel anti-semitic?

This is all an attempt to paint good public servants in a negative light.

We question whether O’Brien has even watched or read the materials he’s attacking. At no point did anyone he mentioned say anything racist.

Guy LeBida spoke to Maine First Media about better treatment for Maine’s elderly, disabled and veteran population, improving the quality of education in the state, reforming welfare and expanding broadband in rural Maine.

Among other things, Nancy Colwell spent her Maine First Convo time talking about the need to end Female Genital Mutilation in Maine.

Along with disagreeing with us about the Candidate Welfare program, Matt Stone explained to Maine First Media what it’s like to be a gay Republican, how working with Open-Borders Angus turned Stone into a Republican, how to fix the broken referendum system and energy innovations.

Rep. Paula Sutton has contributed to Maine First Media about the problems with Ranked Choice Voting and the need to fix the abused referendum system.

Rep. Beth O’Connor has contributed op-eds about lowering energy bills for Mainers and the dysfunction at the Coliseum on the Kennebec.

And then we have Rep. Larry Lockman. O’Brien’s obsession with Lockman is creepy, bordering on clinical.

O’Brien got his hands on the ORIGINAL op-ed written by Lockman back in 1990 that has been the cause of so much controversy. He says it “emerges.” Guess who put it out there. Rep. Lockman! This nearly three-decade-old misquote has been taken out of context for the last several years.

If you read the full column, you can clearly see Rep. Lockman is not saying rape is justified, he’s arguing abortion is just as bad as rape. In fact, Rep. Lockman is in favor of the death penalty for rapists. Is O’Brien? If not, does that mean he’s a “rape apologist”?

In the next picture, O’Brien’s fear of facts rears its ugly head once again. The Leftist “reporter” claims Maine First Project endorsed Mary Mayhew for governor. We checked with our friends at Maine First Project to see if that was true because we didn’t remember an endorsement. We should note, calling Maine First Project is more than O’Brien has ever done for any of his hit pieces against the conservative-populist advocacy organization.

Maine First Project Executive Director, Zach Gelpey, says they issued no endorsements in the gubernatorial race. However, they did point out to supporters Mayhew’s stance on immigration. The picture of Rep. Lockman and Mayhew was taken at a political function they both attended.

These are all facts O’Brien could have easily obtained with a simple phone call — however, accurate reporting isn’t O’Brien’s objective, smears that stick are more his aim.

Meanwhile, Rep. Paula Sutton is being attacked by her local paper.

In the Village Soup, Lefty reporter, Stephen Betts wrote a long piece complaining that Rep. Sutton wouldn’t speak to him for a feature on her race.

But according to Rep. Sutton, she did offer to submit written answers — that way she could have the evidence when Betts misquoted her, something he has a history of doing.

In fact, Maine First Media has previously reported on Betts’, lazy at best and dishonest at worst, reporting.

Rep. Sutton was unwilling to let Betts continue to lie and mislead readers about her record. She took a stand against corrupt “journalism” in Rockland. Betts is just mad he didn’t get another chance to slander the Representative.

It should go without saying at this point; the Village Soup is owned by — you guessed it — Reade Brower. We have to ask the question, is Reade Brower’s Fake News medial monopoly healthy for a Republic than depends on an educated electorate?