Death Threat Made Against Congressional Candidate

10/30/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Someone has made a death threat against Congressional Candidate Mark Holbrook.

According to the Holbrook campaign, this is the second time this election cycle the Holbrook for Congress team has had to file a police report following a threat from an unhinged Leftist.

The threat came by way of Holbrook’s campaign website. Holbrook tells Maine First Media he can not comment on the details of the threat due to the ongoing investigation.

“This foolishness must stop,” Holbrook said. “Everyone must denounce the incivility and violence. As a nation we must turn towards each other and together to God. Courageous Pastors must speak out in support of religious freedom and our nation has to look for the moral guidance to be found in God’s word.”

The campaign says they are taking the threat very seriously and are taking appropriate precautions to keep Holbrook and his family safe.

Holbrook is not letting the threats deter him from keeping his busy campaign schedule as he challenges Resister Rep. Chellie Pingree for the Congressional seat in Maine’s first district.

“We live in a time where nothing is sacred,” Holbrook said. “Esteemed institutions like the United State Senate seem to have lost any sense of decorum. Social mores guiding civil discourse have evaporated and life itself has become marginalized.”

Again, the threat has been reported to the proper authorities.