Congressional Candidate Calls For Caravan to be Cut Off

10/25/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

An estimated 7,000 illegals are about to invade the United States through our southern border with Mexico.

Fortunately, one Maine candidate for Congress, Dr. Mark Holbrook — a candidate in Maine’s 1st Congressional District — is taking notice.

“Bum-rushing our borders is nothing short of a hostile action against the sovereignty our nation,” Dr. Holbrook said. “While some of the people in that mob may well be fleeing poverty, political oppression, and threats of violence in their home countries, others have evil in their hearts for America and Americans.”

And that evil in hearts of some of the illegal invaders was on full display when they bulldozed Mexican police officer to gain access to Mexico, en route to America.

Important to note, while the Left claims these are all peaceful asylum seekers looking for a better life for their families — they’ve now turned down asylum in two countries, insisting on making it America — where they’re unwelcome.

President Donald Trump has said he’ll send the military to the border to protect our sovereignty and national safety if need be. He’s also threatened to pull aid from countries supporting the Caravan of Invaders.

Between the narcoterrorists who are supported by nation states like Russia smuggling in hundreds of tons of illegal drugs and the coyotes, human traffickers, preying on innocent women and children we have a clear and present danger on our southern border.

It’s even been reported there are ISIS terrorist hidden amid the Caravan.

And the illegals are coming to our country — supposedly seeking refuge — while waving the flag of the home country of most of the invaders, Honduras.

“We are a very generous nation, and we have a long history of lifting up people from other nations when they needed our help,” Dr. Holbrook said. “The 7,000 would-be invaders must turn around and return to their home nations and work to fix their country’s problems.”

How many more will follow?

“In 1980 Cuba’s dictator, Fidel Castro, emptied out his mental hospitals and prisons to add to the overwhelming numbers of asylum seekers in the infamous Mariel Boatlift,” Dr. Holbrook recalled. “America paid the price. Our President must have the support of Congress to stop this current invasion.”

The Caravan spans more than a mile long, and they’re leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

While the Fake News media props up the effort as “spontaneous,” there is video of the mostly-male Caravan paying women to join the illegal march.

And some organizations must be assisting. Otherwise, how have shelter, food and facilities been arranged for the 7,000 invaders?

The President of Honduras has told Vice President Mike Pence the Caravan of Invaders has been organized by Leftist groups (but which ones) and is financed by Valenzuela.

Democrats are backing the invaders.

If you still need a reason to make sure you vote on November 6th, here it is.

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