Views From the MAGA Boat: The Lobster Vote Could Bring Red Wave to Maine

9/27/18, with Maine Lobsterman Sean Carlson,

***WARNING*** Video contains some profane language and lots of strong opinions. While Leftists would stand to gain a lot from watching this video — they stand a strong risk of being offended. But in fairness, what doesn’t offend them?


That’s the difference in how many Mainers voted for Crooked Hillary Clinton in 2016 and how many voted to make America great again and cast their ballot for now-President Donald J. Trump.

In episode five of Views From the MAGA Boat, Maine lobsterman, Sean Carlson, explains how turning out the fisherman vote in Maine could turn the Pine Tree State from Blue to Red!

With about 35,000 to 40,000 Maine mid-coasters directly related to the fishing industry and with probably 10-times that many people indirectly affected by the fishing industry, connecting to these hardworking Mainers could easily flip Maine’s mid-coast.

The impact would be huge. Maine could send two more electoral votes to an America-First presidential candidate. We could send another GOP Senator to D.C. The next “Paul LePage” could be elected to the Blaine House. And the potential pickups in the state legislature could give Republicans the trifecta at the Swamp of Augusta.

Carlson discusses how the GOP could potentially attract these new voters — and makes the clarion call for his fellow men of the sea to get out and vote.

The Maine lobsterman also weighs in on the baseless allegations against Judge Kavanaugh and the Left’s “me too” tactic to destroy the lives of their political enemies.

Carlson is the owner and operator of Long Cove Lobster. He’s also proud to have been a Trump supporter from the beginning of the business model’s rise to White House. Carlson even flies a “deplorable” flag on his lobster boat.

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