Views From the MAGA Boat: Making Bait Great Again

9/6/18, Maine First Media Staff Report, 

A Maine Lobsterman proves that a little extra work can save a lot of extra money and net bigger returns on investments!

This common sense approach demonstrated in Views From the MAGA Boat is lost on swamp creatures. Politicians incentivize government agencies to spend more money on needless items at the end of each quarter. You see, if an agency is under budget, they stand to lose the difference in their next budget.

That’s why it’s common to see government workers making expensive Staples runs at the end of each fiscal quarter.

In episode three of Views From the MAGA Boat, Maine lobsterman, Sean Carlson, shows us how a little hard work on the front end can lead to huge savings on the back end.

This is a lesson the Left will never learn. Carlson buys unsalted bait and bulk salt and then salts the bait himself. Salting your bait is required to preserve the fish.

Swamp Politicians should also take not of Carlson’s lesson, as they seem to forget about efficiency, savings and basic economics while they spend the taxpayer dollars paid into the system by hard working Americans.

Carlson is a fourth-generation lobsterman and owner of Long Cove Lobster. He’s also a huge supporter of President Donald Trump. Carlson even flies a “deplorable” flag on his lobster boat.

The Trump-supporting man of the sea walks us through how to properly salt bait and explains how much money he nets by taking this economical approach.

If you missed the last episode of Views From the MAGA Boat, click here to watch the full show and hear the MAGA Lobsterman teach PETA a lesson they’ll never forget — Maine lobstermen actually are helping the lobster population thrive!

***WARNING*** Video contains some profane language and lots of strong opinions. While Leftists would stand to gain a lot from watching this video — they stand a strong risk of being offended. But in fairness, what doesn’t offend them?