Trump Train Express: Volume 19

9/15/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

All aboard the Trump Train Express!

This feature is for those of you who need your news on the go.

Here’s your quick take on some of the biggest recent stories involving our President, Donald J. Trump and national politics:

  • Another young American girl is now dead at the hands of an illegal alien. 16-year-old Madison Wells of New Jersey was stabbed to death by her co-worker, a 20-year-old criminal alien.
  • More fodder for the #WalkAway files. An unhinged Leftists called Sen. Susan Collins’ office and threatened to rape a Collins staffer if the senior senator from Maine voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice. Triggered Social Justice Agitators have also sent Collins more than 3,000 coat hangers in an attempt to convince her to vote against Kavanaugh.
  • Meanwhile, a pro-abortion group, desperate to keep Kavanaugh off the bench has raised more than $1.3-Million and say they will donate it to a Collins challenger if she votes from President Trump’s nominee. Collins says she considers the effort an ineffective bribe.
  • In a panic to stop the Kavanaugh confirmation, the Left is now making up stories of long-ago sexual abuse. California Sen. Diane Fienstein has produced a secret letter, regarding a secret matter, involving an unnamed woman. Talk about a smoking gun!
  • In yet ANOTHER bogus “scandal” Democrats are calling for a 9/11 style investigation into Trump’s handling of the hurricane response efforts in Puerto Rico. There have also been exaggerated claims of suicide in Puerto Rico. This is just the latest manufactured “scandal” to try and get rid of the rightfully-elected President Trump.
  • The now highly anti-Trump CNN Fake News channel has dropped 41% in the ratings. They’re now losing to Nickelodeon. CNN has been challenging MSNBC to see who can be the most Left-wing cable news station. CNN trails both Fox News and MSNBC in the ratings.
  • Country music legend Willie Nelson has alienated his very loyal fanbase. The aging star has agreed to campaign for the criminal Beto O’Rourke for Senate in Texas against Sen. Tex Cruz.
  • Chelsea Clinton may have just said one of the dumbest things we’ve ever heard. The former First Daughter said it’s “un-Christian to oppose abortion.” Her explanation, of course, made no sense.
  • Portland, Maine isn’t the only Portland in the U.S.A. causing problems. In Portland, Oregon, teachers are giving students “Social Justice Guides.” The guides praise the Black Panthers, Che Guevara and Islam.
  • On the anniversary of the 9/11 Terror Attacks, an New Jersey teacher decided to teach students a lesson — about a fictional Muslim boy who was bullied because his name was Osama. What a “tolerant” lesson on the anniversary of the day when 3,000 Americans were killed by Islamic terrorists.
  • This could potentially be one of the most important pieces of legislation in recent American history! Not exaggerating. President Trump is considering introducing a plan that would require refugees to support themselves financially.

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