The Maine Headlines: Volume 19

9/15/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

This is the Maine Headlines section of your weekly Maine Event.

This feature is for those of you who need your news on the go!

Here’s your quick take on some of the biggest recent stories in Maine Politics that weren’t individually featured in the Maine Event:

  • More fodder for the #WalkAway files. An unhinged Leftists called Sen. Susan Collins’ office and threatened to rape a Collins staffer if the senior senator from Maine voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as the next Supreme Court Justice. Triggered Social Justice Agitators have also sent Collins more than 3,000 coat hangers in an attempt to convince her to vote against Kavanaugh.
  • Meanwhile, a pro-abortion group, desperate to keep Kavanaugh off the bench has raised more than $1.3-Million and say they will donate it to a Collins challenger if she votes from President Trump’s nominee. Collins says she considers the effort an ineffective bribe.
  • Donald Trump Jr. is coming to Maine! Trump’s oldest son — and hero to the America First movement — will be in Portland October 1st helping to raise money for several Republicans, including U.S. Senate candidate Eric Brakey and 1st Congressional District candidate Dr. Mark Holbrook.
  • The House and Senate passed a bill from Gov. Paul LePage that would help elderly Mainers avoid foreclosure. However, they water down the LePage plan to the point the Governor doesn’t support the bill that passed. The bill only passed because Gov. LePage threatened to call the Legislature back for another special session otherwise.
  • The best news to come out of the legislature the last several years has consistently been Maine House Republicans voting to sustain Gov. LePage’s vetos. And on the last session day with LePage as Governor, they did so one last time. LePage’s veto to NOT fund an extra $300,000 to pay for Ranked-Choice Voting was sustained. This was the Governor’s 643 veto. He will be missed!
  • Since the Mike and Sara Show (Speaker of the Swamp Sara Gideon and RINO-in-Chief Mike Thibodeau) couldn’t get business finished on time this year — the special session to the never-ending 2018 legislative session cost Mainers an additional $320,000. And they only worked EIGHT days! It’s a good gig if you can get it!
  • Resister Rep. Chellie Pingree’s 2018 Midterm opponent, Dr. Mark Holbrook holds a town hall meeting, with a focus on social security and Medicare reform. Holbrook says the programs are under threat of insolvency and legislation is needed to secure them for future generations.

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