The Maine Headlines: Volume 18

9/7/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

This is the Maine Headlines section of your weekly Maine Event.

This feature is for those of you who need your news on the go!

Here’s your quick take on some of the biggest recent stories in Maine Politics that weren’t individually featured in the Maine Event:

  • RINO State Senator Tom Saviello is butt-hurt because Governor Paul LePage called him repugnant. The bow-tie wearing Saviello is demanding an apology. But Energy Expert and State Senate candidate, Republican Jim LaBrecque says it’s Saviello who needs to apologize to Mainers for violating the State Constitution.
  • The Courts ordered Gov. LePage to submit a plan to increase Medical Welfare for the Young and Healthy to the Federal Government. Well, the Governor filed the application. He then immediately followed with a letter requesting the application be denied. Only our Governor would do something like that folks! Oh, LePage’s last few months in office will be fun!
  • The legislature also passed a series of Gov. LePage’s proposed child welfare reforms. The reforms will add $21-Million to the Maine Child Welfare System and offer caseworkers more flexibility.
  • The Maine Legislature has FINALLY passed tax conformity. This amounts to about a $40-Million tax cut for hardworking Mainers. The legislation had been held hostage by Speaker of the Swamp Sara Gideon and RINO-in-Chief Mike Thibodeau until they go the Candidate Welfare Crack they were Jonesing for.
  • The Legislature is expected to be back in session on September, 11th for veto day. That could finally mark the finale of this never-ending session. However, our friends at Maine First Project as requesting Gov. LePage to call for a Special Session to address a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw non-citizen voting in Maine.
  • Senior Mainers are just as divided on the Gubernatorial race as the state is as a whole. A poll from the liberal AARP has Shawn Moody and Janet Mills in a statistical dead heat.
  • Former Senior Policy Advisor to Gov. LePage, Aaron Chadbourne has ended his write-in campaign for the Blaine House. In his time in this race, Chadbourne raised awareness for many concerns in rural Maine and was the only gubernatorial candidate to fight against Portland’s efforts to grant voting rights to non-citizens. Chadbourne says he’ll continue working on education and economic development in rural Maine.
  • Petition collection for a ballot initiative banning Female Genital Mutilation is underway. A PAC has formed to try and get the ban on the ballot. 
  • The AP is reporting on a steep decline in demand for Maine Wild Blueberries. However, the report doesn’t go into detail explaining how it’s the Canadian Government’s subsidies of blueberries that are killing Maine blueberry farmers. But fear not my friends, because Maine First Media did previously report on that. As per usual, Maine First Media has to pick up the ball where the Fake News outlets drop it.