Surgeon General’s Warning: Why Won’t Mills Support Maine Workers?

9/27/18, with Sean Ross Still,

***WARNING*** Video contains strong language and opinions. May not be suitable for small children or triggered Leftists who spend their spare time in safe spaces.

The Bid for the Blaine House is still up for grabs.

Polls are showing the matchup between Republican Shawn Moody and Democrat Janet Mills is a dead heat.

But that’s not what has caught the attention of the Surgeon General’s Warning.

In this week’s episode of the Surgeon General’s Warning, Host Sean Ross Still, explores new numbers showing Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Janet Mills is spending almost all of her war chest out of state!

Why doesn’t Mills have faith in Maine workers, products and services?

What would this mean if she wins the gubernatorial contest?

Still also discusses the dark money funding Mill’s race, and looks at how Democrat-turned-independent Terri Hayes is spending your money.

The Welfare for Politicians Candidate forced Mainers to fund her campaign to the tune of $900,000 and counting — only to tally 4% in the latest poll! That’s about $225,000 per percent that could have been spent on far more pressing needs for Maine families.

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