Surgeon General’s Warning: Waterville City Council Votes Against Potential Tax Cuts

9/20/18, with Sean Ross Still,

***WARNING*** Video contains strong language and opinions. May not be suitable for small children or triggered Leftists who spend their spare time in safe spaces.

The Waterville City Council voted against asking Colby College to voluntarily help the city lower its mill rate.

The vote by council members will temporarily prevent Waterville from competitively bidding on new businesses or attracting new residents.

State Representative candidate Mark Andre has been circulating a petition — signed by more than 1,000 residents in just a few weeks’ time — requesting the Council forward a proposal to Colby College. If Colby would agree to raise the endowment it pays to $15-Million over the course of five years, the city would be able to lower the mill rate, which would effectively lower property taxes for homeowners, landlords and businesses.

In this week’s episode of the Surgeon General’s Warning, host Sean Ross Still interviews Andre — asking what’s next for Waterville in the wake of the Council’s vote.

Colby College has invested a great deal in revitalizing downtown Waterville, but the majority of the city is lagging behind and not seeing the fruits of the investment.

In fact, if Waterville continues on its current trend, the sizeable investments by Colby College could all be for not.

Andre tells Maine First Media’s Sean Ross Still that he plans to continue collecting signatures and will resubmit the petition to the new council following the November election.

If you’re interested in signing the petition requesting Colby College help the municipality lower its property taxes, click here.

If Andre’s petition succeeds, Colby College agrees to offer additional funding, and the City Council passes the motion, Waterville will enjoy one of the lowest mill rates in the state.

Maine First Media has previously reported on the fears of many Waterville residents over the growing influence of Colby College in recent years. However, there’s no denying the city needs cooperation from Colby in order to prosper.

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