Rise Up Against Reade Brower’s Fake New Empire


Reade Brower’s Fake New Empire continues to let Mainers down week after week. And they expect you to pay $10 monthly for the privilege of reading their Leftist stories, biased articles and lazy reporting.

The fact is, Reade Brower is a billionaire who has a monopoly on the Maine news market. Brower basically owns every newspaper in the state aside from the Bangor Daily News. The Left-wing “journalists” in Brower’s Fake News Empire collaborate on stories. And “reports” from one paper are spread across the conglomeration.

Maine First Media is picking up the ball where Maine’s lying, dying, Fake News outlets dropped it. But we need your help to continue delivering exclusive stories, investigative reports and unique features from a conservative-populist point of view.

That’s why we’re asking you to dump the Portland Press Herald and consider spending the $10 a month you’d be paying to line Reade Brower’s pocket with Maine First Media instead. You can make the voluntary subscription by clicking here.

Maine First Media is adding new contributors and expanding our coverage. Our goal is to provide Mainers with an alternative to the propaganda disguised as news in Maine’s mainstream media.  We may be news with a point of view, but at least we don’t hide it — like the Fake News media does, pretending to be “unbiased.”

The Portland Press Herald and the rest of Brower’s newspapers and magazines fall under the umbrella of his MaineToday Media company.

Reade Brower

It would be impossible to list all of MaineToday Media’s biased reports and missed stories. But there are a few glaring examples in the past few weeks.

When an illegal alien with a rap sheet was busted for dealing drugs in South Portland, the PPH never mentioned the suspect’s immigration status. But Maine First Media put it in the headline.

Worse yet, the PPH didn’t even cover the story of Lewiston Police arresting a Muslim man for breaking a victim’s skull while the man robbed the victim. But Maine First Media broke the story.

And when the PPH attacked a conservative-populist non-profit for informing voters about legislators who voted in favor of Harboring Havens — it was Maine First Media that set the record straight — after Brower’s Fake News Empire ran a hit piece full of lies and misinformation.

Maine First Media has also published cutting-edge investigative reports on topics such as the Refugee Resettlement Racket, out-of-state dark money influencing Maine politics, Maine’s lobster and wild blueberry industries and much more.

And we’re introducing you to unique new weekly features like The Mosher Minutes, Views From the MAGA Boat, Surgeon General’s Warning and columns from Professor John Frary. And we have more features in the works you’re sure to enjoy!

To help us improve the quality and increase the quantity of our exclusive stories, investigative reports and Maine-first features, we’re asking you to stop sending Leftist-billionaire Reade Brower $10 every month — and please consider a voluntary $10 monthly subscription to Maine First Media.

The Maine First Media team is dedicated to providing Real News for Real Mainers, news with a MAGA point of view, and an alternative to Reade Brower’s Fake News Empire.

We are attacked on a daily basis. The radical Left isn’t used to being punched back! But with the help of our supporters, Maine First Media will continue punching back twice as hard as we are hit.

Maine First Media is so grateful to our loyal supporters. We’re committed to making MaineFirstMedia.com your go-to source for Maine political news. And we’re happy to knock Reade Brower and his gaggle of Fake News “journalists” down a peg in the process.