Maine’s Fake News Pit Bulls Protecting Leftists From Their Rotten Records

9/13/18, Maine First Media Staff Report, 

One Maine-first organization in the Pine Tree State is calling out Swamp politicians for their vote allowing the killings by illegal aliens to continue.

Maine First Project sent out a postcard to constituents in five districts. The fliers highlighted votes by incumbent lawmakers in favor of Harboring Havens.

From there, the postcard details two innocent Mainers who were killed by criminal aliens.

Finally, Maine First Project asked their supporters to contact their legislators for an explanation for the rotten vote.

Cue the pit bulls!

In an effort to shield the open-border politicians from scrutiny, Reade Brower’s Fake News Empire has circled the wagons. They can’t argue the message, so they’re shooting the messenger.

But Maine First Media’s mission is to pick up the ball where Maine’s lying, dying, Fake News outlets drop it. With that in mind, we are going to break down the biased “report,” by the Portland Press Herald’s education beat “journalist,” Noel Gallagher.

Before we look at Gallagher’s hit piece, take a look at the postcard for yourself. Important to note — by showing you the entire postcard for you to make your own decision, we’ve already done more than the Portland Press Herald did.

First, let’s start with the headline:

“Republican lawmaker targets candidate outside his district with anti-immigrant flier.”


Name one “anti-immigrant” statement in the mailer. The only people who would read anything “anti-immigrant” into this “flier” (it was a postcard), are open-border Leftists who are predetermined to cry, “bigot,” at the top of their lungs, at anything they see that doesn’t fit their utopian and Orwellian view of the world.

The postcard clearly is anti-murder. Seems like a reasonable stance. It’s also anti-Harboring Havens (otherwise known as “sanctuary cities”). Supporting a bill — LD 1833 — that would have imposed penalties on Maine’s Harboring Havens, may be viewed as anti-illegal immigration, but certainly not anti-immigrant. In fact, many legal immigrants, who have gone through the system the right way and are now proud American citizens, are some of the most passionate opponents of illegal immigration.

So right out of the gate, the headline — the part of the article that catches the reader’s attention — is inaccurate and misleading.

Now let’s go to the most read part of an article — the lead sentence.

“A political mailer stoking anti-immigration fears in the House District 55 race is the work of a political action committee run by conservative Republican Rep. Larry Lockman,” Gallagher wrote.


In the lead, Gallagher makes the story about Rep. Lockman instead of the content of the mailer — a theme present throughout her hatchet job of a story. She also turns back to the “anti” technique. Gallagher is hellbent on framing Rep. Larry Lockman (R-Amherst) as a hater. Her goal is to take the focus off of the factual message of the postcard and place it on wide-spread lies about Rep. Lockman’s motivations.

Rep. Lockman is the President and co-founder of Maine First Project, the organization that sent the issue discussion piece (NOT Maine First PAC as Gallagher contends) — and an organization whose name isn’t mentioned until the fifth paragraph of the “report.” Why? Because, Gallagher’s focus is not reporting the facts, but instead attacking Rep. Lockman.

Then, after attacking the right and honorable Representative from Amherst, surely Gallagher will give Rep. Lockman the opportunity to respond to the propaganda she’s peddling?


No, instead this Fake News journalist decided to first quote the subject of one of the postcards, radical Leftist Rep. Seth Berry (D-Bowdoinham).

“This is obviously a despicable and misleading and self-serving mailer,” PPH quoted Berry as saying. “It’s a wild mischaracterization of what the bill actually would have done and the negative impact it would have had … (and) using scare tactics against our own neighbors is against the values on which America has been built.”


You’ll notice Rep. Berry never explains in the article what these supposed negative impacts would be. We’re left to assume, the negative impact would be discouraging Harboring Haven policies and stopping the flow of illegals into Maine.

And what was self-serving about the mailer? As Gallagher pointed out in the headline, Rep. Berry and Rep. Lockman are not in the same district and not facing each other in 2018.

The postcard aptly described what the bill would have done. Penalizing Harboring Havens $500 daily would have acted as a deterrent to Harboring Haven policies that handcuff our police officers and prevent Maine’s bravest from protecting Mainers against career criminal aliens.

Next, in the article, you’ll find a short description of Maine First Project — but it’s important to note that entire section was added after the fact and not part of the original posting.

Gallagher also seems to imply in her smear that Maine First Project doesn’t actually hold the Activist Training Seminars.


Maine First Project has held five training courses so far, with a sixth planned for Augusta in October.

In fact, the Maine First Project team has gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent unhinged Leftist protesters from disturbing their classes.

Below you can see some pictures from their latest Activist Training Seminar, held in Presque Isle this past weekend.

At this point, Gallagher FINALLY quotes the man she’s been attacking throughout the entire piece.

“When legislators vote to put the interests of illegal aliens above the well-being of the hard-working men and women of Maine, their constituents need to hear about it,” Gallagher quoted Rep. Lockman as saying. “Maine First Project believes that no issue is more important than the safety of Mainers. When legislators vote to put the interests of illegal aliens above the well-being of the hard-working men and women of Maine, their constituents need to hear about it.”

And that’s it. The piece will go on-and-on, with quotes from Rep. Berry, a Democrat Party official and an old third-party source quote, all attacking the Maine-first Representative. It’s about a 5:1 advantage for the Left in terms of quote space in the PPH hit piece.

From there, Gallagher shows a complete misunderstanding of the political process, claiming Maine First PAC was responsible for the mailer. She discloses how much money the PAC has and “outs” the top contributor.


Maine First PAC did not send the mailer. Maine First Project did.

Maine First Project is a 501c(4) organization — allowed to engage in unlimited lobbying efforts.

As the postcard made no mention of an upcoming election, no mention of Rep. Berry’s opponent, and with the only call to action being to contact Rep. Berry for an explanation on his rotten voting record, it was clearly a lobbying, or issue discussion piece.

In addition, the postcard was on a topic that happened during the current legislative session — a session that was still in progress at the time of the mailer.

And the postcard was mailed several days before the Ethics Commission’s Labor Day cutoff.

Despite what Gallagher may WANT to be true, no reporting is necessary and the PAC was uninvolved.

Gallagher also drops the line that four other districts were “targeted,” by Maine First Project, but that Rep. Lockman wouldn’t say which districts.

Rep. Lockman tells Maine First Media, zero “districts were targeted.” But they did send information to constituents of five different Representatives: Seth Berry of Bowdoinham, Heidi Brooks of Lewiston, Donna Bailey of Saco, Robert Alley of Jonesport, and Danny Martin in Aroostook County.

Gallagher wasn’t done avoiding the issue of Harboring Havens creating a giant magnet attracting criminal aliens who in turn make Mainers less safe.

She next went into a history of “provocative” statements made by Rep. Lockman over the years.

The most famous of which is the allegation that the husband and grandfather from Amherst believes if abortion is legal, so too should be rape.


This myth dates back about 30-years and caused no controversy at the time. Rep. Lockman was making the point that both practices are immoral. In fact, the Maine First Project President believes in the Death Penalty for rapists.

That hasn’t stopped Leftists from launching a propaganda campaign misquoting him and taking the analogy out of context. Furthermore, many of the most triggered Lockman-haters have ever suggested the Representative’s wife should be gang-raped.

Next, Gallagher brought up an attack initiated by George Soro’s Maine Beacon (the reporting wing of the Marxist Pedophile Authority, or so-called Maine People’s Alliance) — which was then lapped up by Reade Brower’s Fake News Empire and Sen. Susan “Clueless” Collins.

The attack claims Rep. Lockman MUST be a white supremacist because he used the phrase “War on Whites,” in one of his op-eds.

However, Rep. Lockman responded to the claims explaining in detail the difference between standing up against the organized Left’s systematic attack on white men — and believing white men are superior to anyone else. There is no evidence that Rep. Lockman is a white supremacist. But that didn’t stop Gallagher from parroting her comrades at the Maine Beacon.

Gallagher wasn’t done attacking the messenger just yet. She dug up a $672 fine Maine First Project had to pay the Maine Ethics Commission in 2016. According to the muckraking Gallagher, the fine was proof of Maine First Project’s guilt.


Maine First Project may have paid the fine stemming from a mailer that arguably cost former House Speaker Jeff McCabe a State Senate seat — but the organization maintains the 2016 flier was not electioneering.

The mailer was about a Jeff McCabe’s vote against requiring local law enforcement to cooperate with federal agencies like ICE.

It contained no call to action, didn’t mention an election date or that McCabe was even running for office and had zero mention of McCabe’s opponent’s name or that he even had one.

The only reason the Commission levied the fine was the mailing came after Labor Day. And Maine First Project’s only guilt was in not understanding that the Commission assumes anything political after the unofficial start of Autumn is electioneering. A lesson they learned from as the mailer in question by PPH went out days ahead of the Holiday.

With more incorrect facts out of the way, Gallagher then went back on the attack. She quoted a Democrat Party official calling Rep. Lockman “racist.”

“Larry Lockman’s racist history and that of his shady organization speaks for itself, and these kinds of race-baiting attacks are coming from Republicans because they can’t defend their record on the issues that matter to voters,” Chris Glynn was quoted as having said.


Look at the postcard. Is there a single mention of race?
No, in fact, the only ones to bring up race were Glynn and Gallagher.
Furthermore, the mailer is decrying the murder of Freddy Akoa — a black man!
Glynn’s attempted use of the race card is just a pathetic rehash of the Left’s favorite political trick — divisive identity politics — which ironically, is what they’re accusing Rep. Lockman in engaging in.
Finally, just to make sure her entire article never touches on the content of the postcard supposedly causing so much “controversy,” Gallagher compares how much money Rep. Berry has in his campaign war chest to that of his opponent liberty-minded Republican, Guy Lebida.


Well, her numbers aren’t wrong. Traditional candidate Lebida has outraised the Welfare for Politicians candidate, Rep. Berry by about a 2:1 margin.

But what does the fundraising haul for either candidate have to do with this story? It is completely irrelevant. Of course, Gallagher’s entire approach to the story was irrelevant.

And if you want more evidence of Gallagher’s bias, check out the photo section of her Facebook page, which features an entire section dedicated to anti-Trump signs.

In the meantime, if you’d like to read Rep. Lockman and Maine First Project’s response to the PPH hit piece, you can read the e-mail blast they sent out to their supporters by clicking here.