Maine First Convo: Maine Schools Not Teaching Constitution Well Enough ~ Derek, U.S. Patriot

9/20/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Democracy relies on an educated electorate.

Unfortunately, Maine students aren’t getting much of an education on the U.S. Constitution, American History or Civics.

In this week’s edition of the Maine First Convo, we meet Derek Levasseur. Levasseur is a podcaster and blogger here in the Pine Tree State. In his Derek, U.S. Patriot live streams, you’ll find Levasseur interviewing movers and shakers in Maine politics.

Most importantly, Levasseur focuses on the Constitution and promotes candidates who vow to uphold our founding document.

You can watch Levasseur’s podcasts and read his blogs on his Facebook page.

Levasseur tells Maine First Media kids today aren’t being taught about the Constitution like he was when he was a student. And he fears too many teachers are more concerned with being Leftist-activist than they are teaching the 3 R’s.

In the video at the top of this story, Levasseur also talks about the need to fix Maine’s nursing homes, explains why he started podcasting and tells us his message to President Donald Trump.

Derek is also hosting a Constitution Festival at the Clinton Fairgrounds this Saturday, September 22nd, from 2 pm-5: 30 pm. There will be Constitution and history games, prizes and even a bouncy castle for Maine’s younger patriots.

Perhaps best of all, attendees will have the opportunity to address several candidates who will be on-hand.

Levasseur says now more than ever; it’s important to fight for the U.S. Constitution.

“Our Constitution seems to be the underdog — I’m hoping those that want to preserve this beautiful country will step up and be a part of this movement,” Levasseur said.

This is not Levasseur’s first foray into event organizing. In early September he rallied 2nd Amendment supporters to the defense of Kittery Trading Post — a gun shop that was under attack by Leftist gun-grabbers.

Be sure to check out the Derek U.S. Patriot Podcast every Wednesday evening.