Letters to the Editor, 9/27/18: Abortion and Immigration, Kavanaugh and Collins

9/27/18, Maine First Project Staff Report,

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The Abortion/Immigration Connection

by Frank Thiboutot,

Pro-Life conservatives continue to throw up their hands. They can not fathom why we’ve sanctioned the killing 60-Million fetuses in this country since 1973.

The real reason is, for 50-plus years the globalists at the United Nations have been exhorting the West to limit family size through birth control and abortion.

It’s been their intention all along to backfill our declining populations with newcomers from countries where birth control and abortions aren’t practiced or are illegal. Being stocked with socialists, the U.N. has envisioned redistributing not only wealth but populations across the globe.

Of course, the Leftists in the United States are in lockstep with this narrative and have willingly bought into Agenda 21’s Sustainability Concept of environmental, economic and social equity. If the murder of innocent babies in the womb is what it takes to accomplish this goal, so be it.

Another factor to consider is that a goal of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), is to seed refugees/asylees into our communities who will not assimilate while attempting to eventually establish Sharia law here.

With none of the constraints of birth control or abortion on their multiple wives, their population will quickly expand.

As with easy access for abortions, political expediency trumps the practice of protecting little girls from Female Genital Mutilation in Maine. Instead of banning this barbarism, it’s condoned — and, again, as far as the Left is concerned, so be it.


*Editor’s Note*

You can find more information on the open-borders connection between abortion and immigration in Jim Simpson’s book, The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America. He writes to this topic specifically on pages 15-17.


Sen. Collins and the Kavanaugh Confirmation Circus

By Vic Hogfeldt,

Now is the time to apply pressure to U.S. Sen. Susan Collins to do the right thing and support Judge Kavanaugh.

But this must be done with courtesy and respect to Maine’s senior senator. No mocking ridicule here. Save that for King Angus

A mature approach might involve opening a dialogue with Sen. Collins and some of her more sensible supporters.

Trump is here to stay and remains very popular in Maine — north of Portland.

Sen. Collins might be the best viable choice for governor in the near future.

Other “enemies” of Donald Trump have been turned by political realities. A healthy alliance between Trump and Collins would benefit Maine working people and marginalize the leftist crazies.

Get on with it.


*Editor’s Note*

We agree with Vic’s sentiments. Any time you’re advocating for a policy or a confirmation, you should do so with respect, facts and reasoning. However, some people are reading the tea leaves, assuming Sen. Collins will support Kavanaugh and forgetting about decades of bad votes cast by Collins. In fact, she’s still calling for investigations into unsupported allegations with no credible evidence.

It is important to remember, the only reason Sen. Collins has become a central figure in the Kavanaugh nomination process — since she’s not on the Judiciary Committee — is because she is the go-to vote whenever Democrats need one more vote to kill something they don’t like. It’s Sen. Collins’ long history of happily working with the Left — and voting with the Left on important issues — that has put her in the position she’s in today.Of course, threats against the Senator’s staff  are the blame of triggered Leftists.

And Susan Collins would never be a viable choice for Governor of Maine. Let us hope she is never picking out window dressing for the Blaine House!