Letter to the Editor: Would Not a Democrat by Any Other Name Smell As Swampy?

9/6/18, by Brunell Bailey,

May I draw your attention to an article in The American Spectator, “Did Trump Really Save America from Socialism?” by Steve Baldwin.

It ostensibly addresses the question of President Trump’s role in history and did he save America from socialism, referencing Dinesh D’Sousa’s latest movie, “Death of a Nation” (which I highly recommend).  In my mind the article goes beyond that and is a very good summary of the current situation and is a clarion call to action by freedom loving Americans.

Without repeating a lot of the article, I will point out some salient points.

The attacks on President Trump are not something that would have been withheld from any other Republican who might have been elected President in 2016. Obama and his allies planned to elect Hillary, and use her administration to further solidify systemic changes that would, in effect, eliminate the presidential election in this country.  With that, this nation would go through the formalities of an election but the results would be pre-ordained to give us Democrat (leftist) presidents into the future as far as the eye can see.

The article highlights the term Socialism in its title.  While socialism is onerous enough, I would like to see us not get caught in the trap of talking about a specific Left-wing ideology and attempting to assign some politician, for instance, to some political pigeonhole.

I contend, that, for all intents and purposes, these identities are the same (and should be interpreted as synonymous throughout this opinion piece):  Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Liberalism (today’s concept), Progressivism, Nazism, Democrat, Antifa (today’s Brown Shirts), etc.  They are all just various shades of Red; they are for government control of us.  Here I mean Red as in Red Diaper Baby, versus the misnomer of Red State/Blue State.

Additionally, we shouldn’t let nuances in differences of the aforementioned ideologies become a place where politicians can hide or give them an opening for plausible deniability.

More and more Democrats have felt emboldened to be out front and expose their true radical leftist goals and wrap themselves in the socialist moniker (e.g., “democratic socialist”).  Most Democrats, for now, will claim not to be socialist.  However, make no mistake about it, with very rare exceptions, regardless of what they may say, when given the chance, all Democrat (and so-called ‘Independent’) legislators, at all levels, will vote for more government control, amnesty, open borders, socialized medicine, leftists on the Supreme Court, gun control, etc., etc.

To illustrate, just look at the current term in the Maine legislature.  The Democrats blocked both a sensible voter ID law and protection of Maine’s little girls from the savage practice of female genital mutilation.

Worthy of particular mention is the article’s discussion of illegal immigration as one of the primary vehicles for the transformation of the electorate, i.e. — getting illegals onto the voting rolls.

It rightly delineates the effort by Obama and his allies to prevent any actions that combat voter fraud.  I will add that their plan also involves legal immigrants which is why they keep pushing that aspect by desiring high immigration numbers and pushing for amnesty.

The author gives a qualified yes to the question of whether Trump saved America from socialism, but it is very tenuous.  He states that “this is do or die time.”  We must get out of our seats and work hard to defeat any Democrat and/or ‘Independent.’  Opportunities for doing so abound in Maine.


Burnell Bailey is the chairman of Mainers for Responsible Immigration (MRI).  Information on MRI is available at mainersfri.org and contact can be made at [email protected]

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