How to Read Marxist Pedophile Authority’s Scorecard

9/6/18, Maine First Media Staff Report, 

Guilt by association is not a good thing — most of us can agree on that. However, at the Swamp of Augusta, a politician’s enimies can tell you just as much about the job their doing as their friends can.

With that in mind, there is a great deal we can glean from the Marxist Pedophile Authority’s (or so-called Maine People’s Alliance) 2018 scorecard.

First, let us remind you why we call them the Marxist Pedophile Authority. MPA has on multiple occasions allowed a convicted sexual predator to volunteer for them at their events — including collecting signatures at an elementary school, while classes were in session.

We should add, an MPA Social Justice Agitator was also once arrested for stealing from people’s home while going door-to-door signature gathering.

And one look at their Leftist agenda for Maine and the “Marxist” part of the name becomes readily apparent. Take a look at the 20 radical policies MPA asks candidates to support:

  • “Universal Homecare” (Union Boss Slush Fund)
  • Ranked-Choice Voting (Stealing Elections)
  • Opportunity-Killing Minimum Wages
  • Medical Welfare for the Young and Healthy
  • Government-Run Healthcare Funded By Maine Workers
  • No Work Requirements for Medicaid
  • Forcing Employers to Pay for Transgender Transitions
  • Abortion For All and On-Demand
  • Free College For Everyone On The Backs of Working Mainers
  • Forcing Employers to Pay for All Sick Days
  • Forcing Employers to Pay for Family and Medical Leave
  • Subsidies for Green Crony Corporatists
  • “Safe Consumption” Places in Public for Open Drug Use
  • Decriminalizing All Drug Use
  • Welfare for Politicians (Forcing You to Pay for Candidates You Won’t Vote For)
  • Raising Taxes
  • Banning Employers from Asking About Criminal Records
  • Mainer-Funded Foreign Welcome Centers
  • Welfare and Other Freebies for Asylum Seekers
And Driver’s Licenses for Illegals
In their scorecard grading, the unhinged MPA looked at many bills in both the House and the Senate. How they describe the various bills is telling. For example, they classify a bill to ban Female Genital Mutilation in Maine as, “Immigrant Stigmatization.” You can see the full list of bills scored by clicking here.

From MPA’s scores, we can get a starting-point idea of which legislators have a strong record of standing up for Mainers — and which ones instead put non-citizens and identity politics before the hardworking men and women of the Pine Tree State.

Much like golf, when reading MPA’s scorecard — for our purposes — the lower the score, the better. And while a high rating from MPA is a sure sign of a lousy legislator, a low score is merely a sign a politician MAY not be a swamp creature.

Now to the scores.

In the House, all the good scores were held by Republicans. There are some RINOs that managed to make this list.

Rep. Wayne R. Parry Republican–Arundel

Rep. Heidi H. Sampson Republican–Alfred
Rep. Heather W. Sirocki Republican–Scarborough
Rep. Stephen J. Wood Republican–Greene
Rep. Ellie Espling Republican–New Gloucester
Rep. Susan M. W. Austin Republican–Gray
Rep. Richard M. Cebra Republican–Naples
Rep. Tom J. Winsor Republican–Norway
Rep. Michael D. Perkins Republican–Oakland
Rep. Timothy S. Theriault Republican–China
Rep. Richard T. Bradstreet Republican–Vassalboro
Rep. Jeffery P. Hanley Republican–Pittston
Rep. Deborah J. Sanderson Republican–Chelsea
Rep. Abden S. Simmons Republican–Waldoboro
Rep. Paula G. Sutton Republican–Warren
Rep. Kenneth Wade Fredette Republican–Newport
Rep. David G. Haggan Republican–Hampden
Rep. Roger E. Reed Republican–Carmel
Rep. Raymond A. Wallace Republican–Dexter
Rep. Joel R. Stetkis Republican–Canaan
Rep. Richard A. Pickett Republican–Dixfield
Rep. Chad Wayne Grignon Republican–Athens
Rep. Garrel Robert Craig Republican–Brewer
Rep. Lawrence E. Lockman Republican–Amherst
Rep. Beth Peloquin Turner Republican–Burlington
Rep. Chris A. Johansen Republican–Monticello
Rep. Dustin Michael White Republican–Washburn
Rep. Beth A. O’Connor Republican–Berwick
Rep. Dwayne W. Prescott Republican–Waterboro
Rep. Karen A. Gerrish Republican–Lebanon
Rep. Jonathan L. Kinney Republican–Limington
Rep. Lester S. Ordway Republican–Standish
Rep. Richard G. Mason Republican–Lisbon
Rep. Nathan J. Wadsworth Republican–Hiram
Rep. Jeffrey L. Timberlake Republican–Turner
Rep. Stacey K. Guerin Republican–Glenburn
Rep. Scott Walter Strom Republican–Pittsfield
Rep. Bradlee Thomas Farrin Republican–Norridgewock
Rep. Frances M. Head Republican–Bethel
Rep. Peter A. Lyford Republican–Eddington
Rep. Richard H. Campbell Republican–Orrington
Several other House GOP members had middle-of-the-road grade from the Marxist Pedophile Authority. Any Republicans scoring in the middle of the pack with MPA should be primaried in their next election.
But two “Republicans” actually managed to vote with MPA almost half the time!
Rep. Patrick W. Corey Republican–Windham
Rep. William R. Tuell Republican–East Machias

As for the donkeys, every Democrat voted with MPA’s radical agenda well over half the time. In fact, only five Democrats didn’t vote with MPA for virtually every vote.

Rep. Andrew J. McLean Democrat–Gorham
Rep. Jessica L. Fay Democrat–Raymond
Rep. Robert S. Duchesne Democrat–Hudson
Rep. Catherine M. Nadeau Democrat–Winslow

But before you get too excited, remember, those Democrats still voted with MPA anywhere from 58%-67% of the time.

And the supposed Independent running in the 1st Congressional District, Rep. Martin Gorham, he voted with MPA 58% of the votes scored.

Heading over the Senate, every Democrat voted with MPA 60% of the time or more. In fact, 10 out of the 17 DemocratState Senators voted for MPA’s Leftist agenda with virtually every vote they cast.

On the Republican side of the aisle, there were a handful of Senators who never or almost never voted with MPA.

Sen. Andre Cushing III  Republican–Penobscot
Sen. James Hamper Republican–Oxford
Sen. Eric Brakey Republican–Androscoggin
Sen. Garrett Mason Republican–Androscoggin
Sen. Michael Thibodeau Republican–Waldo
Sen. Scott Cyrway Republican–Kennebec

Of the names on that list, Cushing, Mason and Thibodeau are obvious swamp creatures who obviously manipulated their way to a good score.

But credit where it’s due, at least they bothered to try and look like they oppose a Leftist agenda. Four RINO’s voted right alongside the Democrat and Marxist Pedophile Authority more than one-third of the time.

Sen. Brian Langley Republican–Hancock
Sen. Kimberley Rosen Republican–Hancock
Sen. Joyce Maker Republican–Washington
Sen. Roger Katz Republican–Kennebec

Sorry Hancock residents, but your Senators are not voting the same way they campaign for you. But worse than Senators Langley and Rosen, Sen. Katz voted with MPA 50% of the time!

Maine First Media would like to thank the Marxist Pedophile Authority for putting out this guide. Even when the source of information is from the radical Left, the intel can be invaluable if you read it correctly.

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