Views From the MAGA Boat: If This is What Tariffs Look Like, Count Me In, Because They’re Working

8/2/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

While Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers like Sen. Angus King try to conjure up phony fears of a fictional trade war, Maine lobstermen are reaping the benefits of President Donald Trump’s fair trade policies and the Trump economy.

And now President Trump has signed a massive fair trade deal between the European Union and the U.S. with zero tariffs outside the auto industry. This could have huge, positive ramification for the United States and for Maine’s Farming, Fishing and Forestry industries.

Sean Carlson is a fourth-generation lobsterman and owner of Long Cove Lobster. He’s also a huge supporter of President Trump. Carlson even flies a “deplorable” flag on his lobster boat.

In the first edition of a new, semi-regular, feature to Maine First Media — Views From the MAGA Boat — Carlson explains how the Trump economy is helping his business thrive!

While many resisters bemoan the tariffs the President placed on China, it was his tough negotiations and willingness to impose tariffs that scored the new and beneficial deal with the EU.

As Carlson explains, a tariff is like a tax. And until President Trump, America was eating these massive taxes while the countries we dealt with didn’t have the same burdens. This led to unfair international trade practices. By President Trump raising tariffs, he’s leveling the playing field between America and our trade partners — with the idea being, why are we taxing each other out of profit? The answer to that question could be an elimination of tariffs, exactly like we’re seeing in Europe.

In addition, in this debut of Views from the MAGA Boat, Carlson explains why the Left doesn’t care about lobstermen and recalls what he did as a kid that prepared him to be a successful businessman — but that kids in today’s generation simply won’t do.

Warning, if you object to some profane language, have kids around, or are a sensitive snowflake, skip this video as it does contain strong language and opinions.

Carlson isn’t the only one who sees tariffs working. Recently, conservative pundit Pat Buchanan wrote an article asking the question, are tariffs making America great again? It’s worth a read.