The Mosher Minutes: Portland City Council Hints at Illegal Alien Voting

8/16/18, Maine First Media Staff Report, 

On Monday, the Portland City Council met to consider a proposal to allow non-citizen voting in the city’s municipal elections. After hours of public testimony — almost all of it in favor of allowing the measure to be a referendum question put to Portland voters this November — Councilor Pious Ali, moved to refer the matter to the Legislative Committee.

Given the months of work that both Councilor Ali and Mayor Strimling have invested in the measure something appears to have gone royally wrong for the progressive council. It wasn’t supposed to go down this way.

And it seems rather bizarre!

Kind of like a star fullback for the Patriots taking a hand-off and instead of running straight up the middle to gain yardage, or score the touchdown, pivoting lateral and running directly off the field to stop the clock when there is plenty of time left in the game.

Wait! What?

Councilor Pious Ali expressed on July 17th during a broadcast of the George Hale Ric Tyler Program that he expected the measure to pass.

The matter was supposed to be a slam dunk, rubber stamped and sent out the door for the electorate of Portland to decide. Mayor Strimling explained after public testimony that this is exactly what the people have ordered (roughly 4:37:00).

Apparently, Ali got the impression Monday night that the votes just weren’t there, so, in order to avoid the possibility of his hard work going down in flames, he punted. Instead of putting the proposal forth for a vote, he moved to refer it to Legislative Committee to be retooled and rolled out at a later date.

City councilors followed suit, voting unanimously (9-0) to refer the matter to committee.

So what happened?

The public has been led to believe that there is overwhelming support for noncitizen voting and that after roughly a year of planning, consensus congealed into initiative to move forward with the matter.

On top of that, one would think that after hearing hours of retread testimony in support of the measure from the crowd, a peppering of anti-American social justice agitators, open-borders globalists, loathers of the U.S. Constitution, members of the coexist coalition, multiculti Marxists, and history revisionists — to name a few — there would be more than sufficient team spirit to catapult Councilor Ali into the end zone.

That’s not what happened.

You can view the entire hearing here, or if you’d rather forgo the monotony you can check out my montage at the top of this story instead:

All but Councilor Kim Cook (District 5) chimed in and seized an opportunity to obfuscate making sure to praise Councilor Ali in front of the horde of diversity celebrants.

For the most part, there seemed to be overall support for the proposal with reservation only for process. Of primary concern to councilors was the potential risk to illegals and non-citizens.

I kid you not; there was consternation over the possibility of Maine’s non-citizen residents and shadow dwellers stepping into legal loopholes. In fact, it is safe to say that the possibility of immigrants encountering legal jeopardy either by inadvertently exposing the truth about immigration status, “accidentally voting” (wink, wink, nod, nod) in state, or federal elections, or otherwise become hemmed up by legalese that would put them at risk for deportation was the impetus for abstaining from a vote. At least that is what the record reflects.

To reiterate, it is important to note that all but one of the councilors stood to voice both their support and concern for the proposal to allow non-citizens to vote. There are nine council members. Simple math suggests that if the vote was taken, it should have passed by a tally of at least 8-1. In case you are unaware, all that was needed was five votes.

So, why did Ali run off the field with the ball, when he could have scored a touchdown for advocates of noncitizen voting?

Perhaps, there are at least two reasons.

One, it is possible that there is opposition in the ranks and instead of voicing it, councilors are hesitant to publicly distance themselves from the measure for fear that there might be some blowback for not appearing sympathetic to the concerns of immigrants.

Councilors Nicholas Mavodones, Jr. (At Large) and Spencer Thibodeau (District 2) explained that they first became aware of the proposal via a July 12th press release, giving the impression that the rest of the council was in the dark as well. They, like us, became aware of the plan just last month.

If there is genuine interest among the council for non-citizen voting and it is such an important issue for the city of Portland, why would the other councilors not be involved until the eleventh hour? Strimling has been parroting the proposition for well over a year, and both he and Ali have been planning together for months; the mayor admitted as much Monday night (roughly 4:39:00).

Two, there is legitimate concern about the viability of such a proposal, the legality, and the potential for political fallout when voters head to the polls. Maybe communication from constituents struck a chord and instilled some momentary sobriety even if only for politically expedient reasons.

Either way, Portland residents are reacting to the progressive policies that are undermining the city. Property owners are up in arms about the latest proposal to plop a mega complex for the homeless upon the unsuspecting community of Nason’s Corner on Portland’s west side, as if the frequency of public fornication, drug use, alcohol consumption, assault, battery, burglary, etc., are not enough. Although there has been an outcry against the fecal fest, councilors seem to be oblivious.

Don’t be fooled! The scheme is purposeful. It’s basic economics. Progressive powerbrokers have no plans of being on the receiving end of their policies. They talk a good game about compassion and concern for the disadvantaged, but what they really are after is power. They will not stop until they have wrested complete control. Submission is the goal.

And this is why they are so interested in undermining the electoral process by breaking the rules and flooding it with illegals and non-citizens. The fix is in. A simple look at the 2016 election results in the towns/cities that already allow noncitizen voting in Maryland along with the cities of San Francisco and Chicago shows that Hillary Clinton won handily. The data clearly indicates that wherever tried, non-citizen voting cements Democratic victories. 

There’s just something about freebies when you’re not the one paying for them.

We could learn a lot from Britain’s “iron lady”; regarding socialism, Margaret Thatcher said:

“It’s no good thinking that someone else will pay. That someone else is you. There is no such thing as public money, there is only taxpayers’ money…the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money”.

Before heading to Portland Monday night, I sent a series of e-mails to both the Portland School Board members and the city councilors. Councilor Ali was the only one who bothered to respond.

He thanked me for writing and then told me essentially to butt out. According to him, the issue of non-citizen voting is only for “Portland residents” and therefore none of my concern.

It doesn’t take much to see what progressive policies have done to Europe and to many cities in the United States, including our very own Portland and Lewiston.

The cost is great.

If for no other reason than the sake of our kids, it is time to start doing something about it. The preservation of liberty depends upon us. The more we do today, the less they will have to pay tomorrow.


James Mosher is a husband, father, veteran and patriot who appreciates the cost of freedom. He sees the storm clouds on the horizon and writes so that others may be prepared.

If you would like to reach James about The Mosher Minutes, e-mail Maine First Media at; [email protected]

  • Isn’t multiculturalism wonderful when a Sharia-adherent Muslim such as Pious Ali, who has lived in this country for 18 years and in Portland for only a decade, can essentially tell a citizen, veteran, father and patriot to butt out?

    There is an Islamic principle known as “tamkeen” which means empowerment. This is very the reason Ali is on the city council and why he is being aided and abetted by Leftists. It’s an “unholy alliance” to bring about the demise of the West through civilization jihad.

    “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant….The Koran should be the highest authority in America and Islam as the only accepted religion on earth.” -Omar Ahmad, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR

  • This measure would be a joke if it weren’t so pathetically dangerous. The left (useful idiots) are playing right into the hands of the islamists. They want the votes and the power, but the Muslims will garner said power if it takes 100 years. Why do you think Pious Ali is the major sponsor of this atrocity? Sharia adherence. And the first real victims of their control (supremacy as commanded in the Qur’an) will be the “oh so tolerant, multicultural, diversity proponents”, called democrats. Homosexuals? Dead for example. There are a few buildings near Congress Street tall enough to toss them from. Women? Non-Muslims? Big trouble. Wake up Portland.

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