The Maine Headlines: Volume 16

8/10/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

This is the Maine Headlines section of your weekly Maine Event.

This feature is for those of you who need your news on the go!

Here’s your quick take on some of the biggest recent stories in Maine Politics that weren’t individually featured in the Maine Event:

  • *GideonGate Alert* The Fake News Portland Press Herald continues their coverup attempts for Swamp Speaker Gideon. In their latest piece ignoring the fact that Speaker Gideon knew about allegations that Rep. Dillon Bates had inappropriate relationships with minor girls for about a half a year at least. PPH is saying the House has to call for an investigation…when the fact is Gideon could have called for one at any point since she found out. She still hasn’t. PPH is also joining the Swamp Speaker in her calls for Rep. Bates — who hasn’t been charged with anything since the allegation came out in November — to resign without due process. PPH says the fact that someone has accused a legislator of something means that legislator loses the right to defend himself and MUST step down — a VERY perilous precedent.
  • Meanwhile, Maine-first Rep. Paula Sutton is joining in our calls to investigate Rep. Bates and Speaker Gideon. Rep. Sutton brings up the point in a WGAM interview that in the time between when Gideon learned of the allegations in March and when she called for Bates resignation — IF Bates is a sexual predator, how many more young Maine girls were put at risk because the Speaker has NEVER launched an investigation into the accusations. She also asks the question, what did House leadership team of Rep. Jarred Golden and Rep. Erin Herbig know and when did they know it?
  • Gubernatorial write-in candidate Aaron Chadbourne is out with an op-ed praising the hard work of Maine’s government-sector workers (police, firefighters, teachers, etc.) while criticizing the government unions that do little to help those worker, and run up the budget on Maine taxpayers, all to line the pockets of the fatcat union bosses — not the rank-and-file workers.
  • Gov. Paul LePage is calling for two gubernatorial candidates, Democrat Janet Mills and Indy-Lefty Terry Hayes to step down from their posts as Attorney General and State Treasurer respectively while they campaign for the Blaine House. Gov. LePage correctly points out that their using their positions of power for political gains — and that doesn’t serve the people of Maine.
  • Speaking of the Bid for the Blaine House — Republican Shawn Moody and Janet Mills are in a statistical dead heat according to the latest Suffolk University poll. Moody received 39% of the registered voters poll, while Mills pulled in 38.8%. Meanwhile, Indy-Lefty Terry Hayes and the $900,000 of YOUR money she’s campaigning with, tallied a whopping 4%.
  • The Suffolk University poll also showed Democrat-in-Disguise, Sen. Angus King with a sizeable lead in the U.S. Senate race. About 52% said they were leaning toward voting for the incumbent. The Republican candidate, State Senator Erik Brakey received about 25% of the vote. Criminal Democrat-Socialist Zak Ringelstein couldn’t even manage to muster 9%. Maine First Media will have many more details in next week’s Maine Event.
  • Thanks, Sen. Garrett Mason. Before the never-ending legislative session began, Sen. Mason voted to allow a bill granting veterans free access to public museums into the session as a piece of EMERGENCY LEGISLATION! It’s obviously not an emergency. The result, radical Leftist Rep. Erin Herbig — who is running for the State Senate — now has a nice, fluffy talking point about how she is vet-friendly, when she’s not done a thing for any of the REAL concerns vets face. Ask a vet if they’d rather have their healthcare fixed or free trips to a museum. You can always count on Sen. Mason to give gifts to the far-Left. Thanks again, Sen. Mason.

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