Moody, Mills in Dead Heat, King Running Away

8/16/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Mainers are getting their first look at how some of the biggest races in the 2018 Midterms are shaping up.

The poll by Suffolk University shows a dead heat in the gubernatorial contest and Sen. King running away with the U.S. Senate race.

Before we dive into the numbers, there are some things you need to know about the makeup of this survey.

First, this is a poll of likely voters — but 11% of those polled said they’d only “probably vote.” Furthermore, only about 66% of respondents say they’re very or extremely interested in the Senate race, while only about three-quarters said the same of the gubernatorial contest.

And with about a third of sample coming from Democrats and another third coming from independents, the poll may be slightly weighted to the Left.

Now to the numbers!

Republican Shawn Moody and Democrat Janet Mills — who doesn’t like to give Mainers her business — are in a statistical dead heat according to the latest Suffolk University poll.

Moody received 39%  in the poll, while 38.8% are leaning toward Mills.

Current State Treasurer, Indy-Lefty Terry Hayes — and the $900,000 of YOUR money she’s campaigning with — tallied a whopping 4%. In other words, Hayes is spending about $225,000 of Mainers’ money for each percentage point she’s earned.

About 16% of respondents say they’re still undecided about which way they’ll vote in the Bid for the Blaine House.

Moody has a +18 favorability rating, compared to just a +12 favorability rating for Mills. However, more people have never heard of Moody compared to Mills.

Respondents rank healthcare and the economy as a close first and second as the most important factors in their gubernatorial-vote decision. Taxes and education followed in a distant third and fourth respectively. Interestingly, pollsters didn’t ask about immigration policy in this question — Maine First Media believes, if they had, it would have ranked right there with healthcare and the economy.

The Suffolk University poll also showed Democrat-in-Disguise, Sen. Angus King with a sizeable lead in the U.S. Senate race. Unfortunately, in a three-way race, Sen. King has a clear majority of support. It seems that Sen King’s ability to vote exclusively with the far-Left, while campaigning to both sides, is working.

About 52% of those surveyed said they were leaning toward voting for the incumbent. The Republican candidate, State Senator Erik Brakey received about 25% of the vote. Criminal Democratic-Socialist, Zak Ringelstein couldn’t even manage to muster 9%.

The Senate race will be held under the scam, Ranked-Choice Voting rules. To show what a farce RCV is, more than 45% of respondents didn’t know who they’d select as their second choice.

For reasons we can’t explain, Sen. King is the most popular man in Maine politics, with a +36 favorability rating. Meanwhile, the plurality of Mainers has never heard of either of King’s challengers. State Senator Eric Brakey has about a +1.5 favorability with 37% of respondents not knowing who he is. And Criminal, Democratic-Socialist Zak Ringelstein has a +3 favorability — but 41% of Mainers have never heard of him.

About one-in-four Mainers said the candidate’s stance on President Donald Trump would be the deciding factor in their vote. The economy, healthcare and immigration followed close behind.

Pollsters also asked about the upcoming Universal Home Care Scam on the ballot. The question was worded to favor the Marxist Pedophile Authority’s (or so-called “Maine People’s Alliance) initiative.

The “yes,” vote on the ballot measure barely squeaked past the 50% threshold. Opponents have a ton of work ahead of them (while being heavily out-spent thanks to hundreds of thousands of out-of-state dark money pouring in to support the scam).

In one last interesting note, 53% of Mainers believe the state government is at least somewhat corrupt — surprised the number is that low.