Letter to the Editor: Portland’s Council From Away Wants Voters From Away

8/23/18, by Frank Thiboutot,

Ethan Strimling and Pace Picante Sauce

When I served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Afghanistan and South Korea back in the early to mid-1970’s, in addition to high-intensity language instruction, all PCVs (no matter what country to which they were assigned) received extensive “cross-cultural” training for a period of three months.

Of course, we retained our American identity. However, it was emphasized that we must not offend the host country nationals by being “ugly Americans” which was a term that was widely used back then. We were also expected to remain apolitical in our conversations with our co-workers.

I looked into the make-up of the nine-member Portland City Council who are all Democrats. Some would argue that they’re all progressives with one, Justin Costa, who was a delegate for Hillary Clinton. Also, to my knowledge, only two are natives of Portland, Nick Mavodones and Spencer Thibodeau.

Three are Mainers from “kinda’ away,” such as the aforementioned Justin Costa-Brunswick, Belinda Ray-Newcastle and Brian Batson-Ellsworth. Kim Cook is from “away” hailing from Haverill, MA via Denver. As is Jill Duson, who was raised in Chester, PA. The illustrious Mayor, Ethan Strimling, grew up in New York City and has graced us with his presence since 1987. Remember the Pace Picante commercials?

One council member, Pious Ali, is from “way away.” He immigrated from Ghana in 2,000 and has only been in Portland for ten years. Yet, he felt empowered to push changing the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. He got away with it only because the Italian Heritage Center didn’t have the conviction to fight it. Where’s Tony Soprano when we need him?

Now, Ali is spearheading — along with Mayor Strimling — voting rights for non-citizens. If the measure ever passes, will these people be voting to fix the embarrassing condition of the city’s streets or voting to further raid the public cookie jar?

Most of these councilors don’t bother to consider the rights of Portland natives. Are we not allowed to be offended by this absurdity even if many of us are dreaded old white guys with Dad bods? I would never have contemplated imposing my beliefs on the Afghani or Korean people let alone voting in their elections. Yet, these councilors don’t even seem remotely phased that this proposal is unconstitutional or that the city charter would need to be amended for this to happen. If we give this sacred privilege to non-citizens, what’s the point of even having a country?

Portland has been a city run by Democrats for decades. BUT, they’ve now morphed into progressives (read regressives) and the city is becoming a politically correct multicultural disaster. Thank God for its geography to attract tourism revenue to pay for their irresponsible public policies. The bottom line is that I blame the Antifa, OWS, BLM and other Marxist slacktivists such as the Maine People’s Alliance, who are embedded in the Press Herald, USM, our public school system, our local government and in the minds of snowflake Millenials, who enable and help elect these destructive, so-called leaders. Keep it up and Portland will become a mini-version of Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit and others that have been run into the ground thanks to Democratic Socialists.

I’m prepared for the blowback of being called a racist, bigot or xenophobe. “The debate is lost when slander becomes the tool of the loser.” -Socrates

I defend myself by pointing out that the immigrants of the past, who truly built this country, didn’t do it by “working” for non-profits or receiving contributions from Far Left organizations such as ActBlue to run for office. I and other like-minded conservatives are FOR merit-based immigration and legitimate refugee/asylee resettlement. Ad hominem attacks will not shut us up or make us go away.

Thankfully, this egregious in your face proposal has been tabled….for now anyway.


About the Author: Frank Thiboutot is a Portland native. He’s a former English professor in the Faculty of Engineering at Kabul University in Afghanistan (1973-74). Thiboutot was the Portland, Maine Chapter Leader of Act for America. He’s been a student of Islamic doctrine since 9/11.