Legal Maine Citizens Oppose Portland’s Non-Citizen Voting Scheme

8/9/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Portland City Council will vote Monday on whether they will pass along to residents an unconstitutional proposal handing voting rights to non-citizens.

This week, the Portland Board of Education is recommending the City Council does indeed pass the proposal along to voters. The recommendation passed on a 4-3 vote, despite the blatant violation of the Maine Constitution and devaluation of votes of legal Maine citizens. Board Chairwoman Anna Trevorrow was joined by Board members Tim Atkinson, Roberto Rodriguez and Marine Morrione all voting in favor of the recommendation. Meanwhile, Board members Laurie Davis, Sarah Thompson and Mark Balfantz voted nay — however not on the absurdity of the proposal, but rather on procedural grounds. The trio says it’s not the Board’s job to make recommendations to the City Council. Board members Holly Seeliger and Jenna Vendil were absent from the meeting.

Of course, the radicals pushing this unconstitutional proposal are the same people crying about “foreign influence” over U.S. elections — however, they are eager to give non-citizens voting rights. They don’t seem to recognize the hypocrisy.

And with the problems in the asylum process and the push by open-border Leftists to deem all illegal aliens asylum seekers or refugees — it is likely that should the proposal pass, illegals will also soon be voting in Portland.

And if it passes in Portland, you can be sure Geroge Soros’ Marxist Pedophile Authority (or so-called Maine People’s Alliance) will waste little time in moving for the measure to be passed statewide.

The Left has long denied their insistence on open-borders has anything to do with securing a new block of Democrat voters. However, this latest effort removes any doubt. Democrats want open borders for the votes, while Chamber of Commerce RINOs want open borders for the cheap foreign workforce.

Fortunately, there is one group fighting back against this assault on law and order and the value of your vote. Conservative-populist advocacy non-profit, Maine First Project has been mobilizing Mainers to call and write Portland City Councilors and urge them to vote against the pending proposal.

According to Maine First Project Executive Director, Zach Gelepy, Maine-first supporters are fired up by the far-Left’s latest overreach.

“Maine First Project prides ourselves on finding ways to give our supporters the opportunity to make a difference for Maine,” Gelpey said. “We’ve been letting Mainers know of this scheme by the open-borders crowd in Portland since it was first announced. And people are responding. They’re saying in one loud, clear voice, ‘no,’ this can not stand! They’re e-mailing, they’re calling Councilors, they’re commenting on social media. Mainers understand the fundamental dangers of giving away voting rights illegally. If we lose this fight in Portland, the entire state will feel the consequences.”

Gelpey tells Maine First Media he has not seen another issue that has motivated Maine-first supporters to the same extent this issue has.

In the comment section on a related story on the Fake News Portland Press Herald’s website, almost all the comments are against the proposal. You can read the comments by clicking here, but act quickly, PPH could disable comments at any time. Here are a few examples:

  • Disqus1965 – “This is nothing but a shameless ploy from Strimling to boost the liberal voting base, because he’s in trouble for next year’s election. He knows he would have more support from the immigrant demographic, where he’s lost big swaths of support in the business and resident groups.”
  • Pleasepost – “Non-citizens have the right to go before the city council to voice their opinions just like any other Portland resident. However, it should not include the right to vote in the city. There is a process for that!”
  • Dave Matteson – “Welcome to Portland Maine, after we get you an apartment, a car and food don’t forget to vote Progressive. Thank you. Remember…Portland is just a stepping stone for Strimling and he’s stepping all over the citizens.”
  • Brian McDonnell – “Larry, Moe and Curly would know this is stupid.”
  • MarkusSinger – “Time to recall all four school board members who voted for this. No more fooling around. They MUST GO!”
  • Gardner Roberts – “If this passes, the State has already said they will file suit and if they don’t, someone else will. Why bother with the expense, if it is illegal? One would think it would be prudent to get a legal opinion “before” this vote so that people can make an educated vote. I would not do something to my property if I thought it might be illegal before getting a legal opinion. Doesn’t the City employ lawyers to make legal opinions on such matters?”

Maine First Project’s multiple Facebook posts on the topic are also filled with comments against the proposal. Below you’ll find a few examples.

  • Jewel Pinkham –Democrats pulling out all the stops to get votes.”
  • Rick French – “This is how you lose your country. Don’t let this happen.”
  • Vicki Folts – “We are watching the END of this country as ANYONE has ever known it…. all brought to us by DEMOCRATS.”
  • Dale Bircket Jr –It violates the principals that founded this country. What part of “It is the right of the CITIZEN to vote” do people not get? Can we go to other countries illegally and vote in the elections they have? And even if we go legally if we’re not a citizen of that country would they let us vote? I don’t think so.”
  • Aaron Lyons – “Yet they scream about foreign interference in the elections pertaining to Russia. How is this any different, oh that’s right they are voting Democrat so if you disagree with a Democrat you’re racist.”

And the Maine First Media page has also been flooded with commenters who are angered about this latest attack on law and order by open border Leftists. Again, here are a few examples to illustrate how Mainers feel:

  • Gary Prescott – “Visitors have no right to say how we run things here.”
  • Charles Hendon – “We have certainly lost the meaning of being an American. Diversity is welcomed and perfectly fine, but if we have to cower to those seeking a better life and letting their beliefs overrule our rights, it is just wrong.”
  • Naran Row-Spaulding – “No way this should be allowed. Want to vote? Become a legal citizen.
  • Jimm Andersn – “This is as bizarre as Ranked choice voting? How can our Reps let a question so unconstitutionally corrupt even be submitted? We gotta challenge this garbage.”
  • Amedeo Lauria – “These are political Judas’ willing to sell their city/town and country for 30 pieces of silver. Please make sure we vote these people out in November. We are a sovereign nation. More leftist BS.”

At the August 13th Portland City Council meeting, Councilors will vote on whether the proposal should be brought to voters. If the Leftist council approves (which they almost assuredly will) the proposition would then go to a citywide vote.  If Portland voters approve the measure, it would likely then be challenged in the courts for violating state law — by granting voting rights to non-citizens.

The proposal was introduced by Portland Mayor, Ethan Strimling and Muslim Councilor Pious Ali from Ghana.

This is not the first time Portland’s open-borders crowd has pushed to grant voting rights for non-Mainers. In fact, this will be the third attempt to give voting rights to non-citizens in Portland like they do in San Francisco and Chicago.

Former Democrat State Sen. Justin Alfond of Portland proposed a similar 2009 state initiative. Fortunately, the legislature struck down the open-borders bill.

Current gubernatorial candidate and Attorney General Janet Mills incorrectly opined at the time that the initiative would not violate the Maine Constitution. The Maine Municipal Association oppose the initiative.

The very next year, Portland’s Charter Commission considered the proposal again but voted against it due to concerns the proposition violated state law.

But the immigrant community and Social Justice Warriors took to the streets. The League of Young Voters used out-of-state dark money to collect more than 4,500 signature and get it on the November 2010 ballot. But law and order won the day as 52% of Maine voters rejected the idea that non-citizens should be allowed to cast ballots.

If you would like to contact Portland City Council members and weigh-in before their Aug. 13th vote, you can click here for their contact information.

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