Janet Mills Spending Almost All Her Campaign Money Out of State

8/2/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Why doesn’t Janet Mills have faith in Maine workers?

What other explanation can there be for Mills spending the vast majority of her campaign expenditures out of state?

The Democrat Attorney General — seeking a promotion to Governor — has raised just over $1-Million for her Bid for the Blaine House. With the three most important months of the election cycle remaining, Mills has already spent about 80% of her campaign war chest — leaving her with only about $200,000 cash-on-hand.

Of the more than $800,000 Mills has already spent on TV ads, staff, literature, polling, office supplies and more (including the whopping $86.38 she plopped down on feeding her volunteers — hope they like Ramen Noodles), more than $670,000 was sent out of state. That’s about 80% of her spending.

So the question is: If Janet Mills wants to serve the people of Maine as their Governor, why won’t she hire any Maine worker? Are Maine products and services not good enough for the Attorney General?

After all, $1-Million in political spending could act as a decent stimulus for the Pine Tree State.

Compare Mills to the Republican party nominee, Shawn Moody. Moody has raised a little more than $1-Million for his campaign. In fairness, more than half of that total was self-funded by Moody and his wife, loaning of contributing more than $500,000 to his campaign. But at least he’s keeping the money in-state.

Moody has spent about $720,000 of his war chest so far. About $500,000 of his spending has been paid to Maine workers. Meaning only about 30% of Moody’s money is leaving Maine.

Like Moody, Leftist Independent Alan Caron is also largely self-funding. Out of the roughly $535,000 his campaign has brought in, Caron has only raised about $50,000 from individuals, the rest coming from his own checkbook.

And like Mills, Caron is also more comfortable leaving the state to spend his money. Caron has spent almost all of his $535,000 — with only about $2,500 left in his account. Caron is spending about 70% of his self-financed campaign money outside of our state lines.

And then there’s the other Leftist Independent candidate for Governor, State Treasurer, Terry Hayes. Hayes is keeping most of her money in the state — more than 70%. However, her campaign is financed by you. Hayes is accepting Candidate Welfare to the tune of almost $900,000, so far.

But unfortunately, she’s spent about $140,000 of your money outside of our state. Effectively, Hayes has forced you to fund her long-shot campaign for governor and then sent $140,000 of your hard-earned cash elsewhere –perhaps it’s her idea of redistribution of wealth. 

And then there’s write-in candidate — and the only candidate who was a Republican before the race began — Aaron Chadbourne. The former Legislative Advisor to Gov. Paul LePage only had about three weeks to fundraise. In that short time, he brought in $11,270 from 86 donors. The average donation was $131.05. The largest contribution was $1,600. More than half of the gifts to the Chadbourne campaign were for $50 or less.

The Harvard grad has spent almost $5,000 with less than $500 leaving the state.

When candidates want to represent you as an elected official, it’s nice to know which ones value Maine talents enough to pay Mainers for services and products — and which ones turn to out-of-state resources. It’s also good to know which candidates force you to fund their campaign and then send your money to other states.