*GideonGate Update* House Tables Investigation, GOP Leadership Votes With Dems

8/30/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

The Maine House of Representatives has voted to table a House Order that would have launched an investigation into the Speaker of the Swamp’s handling of the Dillon Bates scandal.

The legislature is back in “action” today as swamp creatures attempt to finish the remaining business of this never-ending session.

The House Order from Maine-first Rep. Paula Sutton (R-Warren) was tabled on a 72-51 vote. 27 lawmakers were absent from the roll call on the motion.

Only a single Democrat voted against tabling the investigation request. There were two very interesting Republicans voting against the rest of the GOP and voting with the Democrats to protect Speaker Sara Gideon, Majority Leader Erin Herbig and Assistant Majority Leader Jared Golden.

Both House Minority Leader Ken Fredette and Assistant Minority Leader Ellie Espling voted to give Gideon and her gang a pass on the potential cover-up.

That means even Democrat Gay Grant — who is not up for re-election — understands how important it is to at least consider an investigation into GideonGate. Whereass Rep. Fredette and Rep. Espling would rather put the Bates fiasco “behind them.”

Maine First Media has previously outlined in detail why the Swamp Speaker needs to be investigated for her dangerous dereliction of duties regarding the Bates scandal.

Former Rep. Dillon Bates (D-Westbrook) is accused of having inappropriate relationships with multiple young girls while he was a teacher and coach at the now-defunct Maine Girls Academy. He maintains his innocence.

The allegations were made last November. Speaker Gideon admits to knowing about it — at the latest — in March. The story went public in August.

When she learned of the serious accusations against a member of her caucus, Swamp Speaker Gideon sat on the information. About a half-year later, once the story broke Speaker Gideon waited only a matter of hours before calling for Bates to resign — without any investigation to determine his guilt.

Speaker of the Swamp Sara Gideon and the rest of the Maine Democratic “leadership” team, allowed Dillon Bates to continue to draw a paycheck from Maine workers as a member of the House for several months after learning about the allegations against him. If Bates is guilty, they allowed a sexual predator to endanger the safety of countless other young Maine girls.

However, if he’s telling the truth and the accusations are baseless, then they have damaged his reputation and cost him his job and role as a representative on nothing more than one account from an anonymous source in one news report.

Bates was denied due process and forced to resign. This sets a dangerous precedent that mere allegations of impropriety will result in getting your political opponents ousted from office.

And the entire Democrat Party and both members of House GOP “leadership” — Rep. Ken Fredette and Rep. Ellie Espling — have denied Mainers and the victims of Bate’s alleged crimes from ever knowing if Speaker Gideon, Rep. Herbig or Rep. Golden played any role in covering up for Bates for half of a year.

A tabled bill can be brought back for future consideration, but that is unlikely with Rep. Sutton’s House Order.

Speaker of the Swamp Sara Gideon would like to continue her “leadership” role in 2019. Meanwhile, Rep. Herbig is running for the Maine State Senate and Rep. Golden has his eyes on the 2nd Congressional District prize.