*GideonGate* Bates Resigns, Investigation Still Needed

8/21/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Embattled swamp creature, Rep. Dillon Bates has resigned from his seat as a member of the Maine House of Representatives.

Rep. Bates is a Democrat from Westbrook.

Weeks ago, allegations of potential relationships between Rep. Bates and multiple minor girls came to light. The accusations stem from reported incidents back in November.

Rep. Bates maintains his innocence, calling the anonymous allegations “baseless.” However, he has now resigned from every one of the jobs he had before the start of the controversy.

While maintaining innocence, Rep. Bates said he didn’t want to be a distraction for the remainder of the legislative session. His announcement came two days before swamp creatures BELIEVED they were returning to the Coliseum on the Kennebec for the potential conclusion of the never-ending legislative session.

As Maine First Media reported in the Maine Headlines last week, Democrat Speaker of the Swamp, Rep. Sara Gideon had e-mailed legislators, informing them session would likely reconvene Wednesday, August 22nd.

Rep. Bates resigned Monday morning — later Monday, Swamp Speaker Gideon would notify lawmakers the never-ending session would not continue on the 22nd, but instead, she’s now targeting August 30th.

It is also important to note, the Maine Ethics Commission (a different entity than the Maine House Ethics Committee) late last week voted to release the Candidate Welfare Crack that had been holding up the session. Of course, the Commission has no authority and acted illegally. If they did have this authority, why would they have wasted months and tons of Maine tax dollars waiting for the legislature to correct the problem?

But with the Speaker’s craving for Candidate Welfare Crack out of the way, the remainder of the session (until Gov. Paul LePage calls them back for an emergency session) should be relatively easy.

And remember, Republican Rep. Paula Sutton of Warren last week introduced a House Order calling for an investigation into not just Rep. Bates, but also Rep. Gideon for her inaction on this important matter.

Given the timing and circumstances, one has to wonder if Speaker Gideon’s initial announcement of August 22nd as the restart of the session was merely a smokescreen to get Rep. Bates to resign before the House Order came up for a vote?

However, our friends at Maine First Project are suggesting the House Order should be modified — removing the request to investigate Rep. Bates, but keeping the investigation into Rep. Gideon.

What did Rep.Gideon know and when did she know it? Was the changed session date yet the latest in a potential cover-up led by Speaker Gideon? Last week, Maine First Media detailed several reasons why the Speaker of the Swamp should be investigated over her handling of the Bates case.

If the allegations against Rep. Bates are true, Mainers are lucky to have him out of the State House — and charges should be filed so his victims can receive justice. But Rep. Gideon should also share in the blame for allowing Rep. Bates to roam freely, potentially endangering countless young Maine girls.

However, if Rep. Bates is innocent — then his entire career, livelihood and reputation have been forever stained on nothing more than allegations. And Speaker Gideon never afforded Rep. Bates the opportunity for due process.

Either way, Speaker Gideon’s inept leadership on this issue is cause for concern and she should still be investigated to the fullest extent.