*EXPOSED* Maine Democrats Feasting on Out-of-State Dark Money

8/2/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

“We are fools to believe any election is actually clean.”

Those are the sentiments of outspoken, conservative, Rep. Beth O’Connor as millions of dollars in dark money is funneling into Maine to influence our elections in favor of Democrats. And there’s still more than three months remaining before the 2018 Midterm Elections

Raking through state campaign finance reports, Maine First Media has found much of this dark money is flooding in from out of state.

Rep. O’Connor (R-Berwick) is sick of the role out-of-state dark money plays in Maine politics.

“This dark money is nothing new in Maine,” Rep. O’Connor said. “It has been used for decades to shape election outcomes.”

While dark money in politics is a familiar scene in Maine, the amount of out-of-state funds bombarding the state is staggering.

For starters, a couple of weeks ago, the Democracy Alliance State Victory Fund LLC, donated $500,000 to Rebuild Maine.

Rebuild Maine is a far-Left organization backed by the Marxist Pedophile Authority (or so-called Maine People’s Alliance) and several government-sector unions.

The Democracy Alliance State Victory Fund is a network of major Democrat donors from across the country. They claim to have contributed more than $60-Million in the past decade to elect Leftist state legislators and pass radical-Left ballot measures.

The Democracy Alliance, founded in 2005, is the largest network of donors dedicated to building the progressive movement in the United States. We play a leading role in fostering the infrastructure necessary to advance a progressive agenda for America. We invest in every aspect of progressive power-building – from policymaking to organizing grassroots communities to winning state and national issue and electoral campaigns. We address the most pressing challenges of our day through investments in three connected areas: a just democracy, a fair economy and an environmentally sustainable future.

The fund is not a PAC or non-profit or party apparatus. It is a limited liability corporation. As such, they do not have to report where their money comes from and they do not answer questions about who donates to the network of millionaire Leftists.

According to the Associated Press, former MaineToday Media owner S. Donald Sussman is a long-time donor to the Democracy Alliance State Victory Fund.

Sussman is a billionaire hedge fund manager and was married to Democrat Resister Rep. Chellie Pingree until they split in 2015. Along with being one of the Maine Democrat Party’s largest donors and funding many Democrat candidates in the Pine Tree State, Sussman is a donor to the MPA and the Leftist think-tank Maine Center for Economic Policy.

MaineToday Media is the largest media company in the state — reaching 100,000 households and over 1.2 million unique visitors every month. MaineToday Media owns the following Maine Fake News outlets:

  • Portland Press Herald,
  • CentralMaine.com
  • Lewiston Sun Journal
  • The Free Press in Rockland
  • Rockland Courier-Gazette
  • The Village Soup
  • Waterville Times
  • The Camden Herald
  • The Republican Journal in Belfast
  • Maine Sunday Telegram,
  • Kennebec Journal,
  • Morning Sentinel,
  • The Coastal Journal
  • MaineToday Magazine

Another contributor to Rebuild Maine — and many other Leftist political causes in Maine — National Education Association.

A PAC called Citizens Who Support Maine’s Public Schools is one of the largest donors to Rebuild Maine’s Leftist agenda — with more than $420,000 in contributions.

But what’s wrong with a group of concerned Maine parents who like government-sector schools getting together and donating money to causes they believe in? Nothing. But that’s not what Citizens Who Support Maine’s Public Schools is.

CWSMPS is a funneling PAC for the National Education Association. They’ve raised about $4.75-Million — with about $3-Million of that coming from the NEA. In fact, all but about a half-million dollars of Citizens Who Support Maine’s Public School funding is from Washington D.C. And the money that did come locally was almost entirely from the Anti-School Choice Maine Education Association.

Next up, Maine Women Together received $300,000 from Women Vote in June. Maine Women Together’s principle purpose is to support the gubernatorial candidacy of Democrat Janet Mills.

According to their Facebook page, Maine Women Together stands for:

Maine women standing together to protect Maine families, defend working people, and preserve our stunning natural resources.

They have 308 Facebook likes, the $300,000 they received from Women Vote calculates to about $1,000 per like.

But who is Women Vote? Well, it’s Emily’s List, of course. More specifically, Women Vote is Emily’s List’s political action committee. They give independent expenditures to pro-abortion, female Democrats — which fits Janet Mills perfectly.

It should be noted Emily’s List endorsed Mills during the Democrat primary.

The executive director of Emily’s List is Emily Cain, a former Maine House member from Orono.

Here’s yet another PAC with a Maine-friendly sounding name — but whose funds are coming from beyond our state lines. The Chamberlain Project, named after Maine war hero Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.

Cara McCormick is the head of the Chamberlain Project. She’s a campaign consultant and researcher who works for the firm Smart Campaigns. According to her biography with her company, McCormick has directed research for Charles Robb (D-VA), John Kerry (D-MA), Joe Biden (D-DE), Tim Kaine (D-VA), Deval Patrick (D-MA), and Angus King. So, at least there’s one Maine name on the list.

The Chamberlain Project has raised about $1.25-Million with about $1-Million of that coming from just two sources. They were one of the major influencers in passing the fraudulently-worded Ranked-Choice Voting initiatives in both 2016 and earlier this year.

First, there’s Level the Playing Field with about $450,000 donated to the Chamberlain Project. According to the Maine Examiner, Level The Playing Field is a “527 political organization” operating out of Alexandria, Virginia. They are currently involved in a lawsuit against FEC. The suit seeks to allow minor party candidates in Presidential debates. They also opposed Republican Meg Whitman’s 2010 gubernatorial candidacy — in California.

The source of more than half a million is the Action Now Initiative. ANI is a political advocacy non-profit run out of Houston, Texas by billionaires John and Laura Arnold. John Arnold made his fortune as an executive at ENRON. ANI works closely with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, also based in the Lone Star State.

Action Now Initiative has advocated for increasing soda taxes in Colorado and California as part of its mission to fix the obesity problem in America by telling people what they can and can’t eat. And they’ve also worked on pension reform to obtain lighter sentencing in several states.

The Ranked-Choice Voting push was also funded by MPA — a radical organization funded by George Soros. And to support his father, Soros’ son, Jonathan Soros, also donated $100,000 to the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting.

The elder Soros’ MPA is also behind the upcoming Universal Homecare Scam ballot initiative. MPA has put more than $200,000 into the ballot committee.  Reminder, the ballot measure hikes tax with little of the money going to help elderly and disabled Mainers. Instead, the money is used to raise wages for CNAs and line the pockets of union bosses.

The Universal Homecare Scam has also received $100,000 from Service Employees International Union.

Meanwhile, there’s only about $90,000 opposing the ballot question.

In the background is political advocacy non-profit Future Fund Now, out of Washington D.C. focusing on state legislative races across the United States. The group is pushing a radical agenda for America, including:

  • 100% of jobs pay a livable wage for all job seekers;
  • Paid family, vacation and sick leave for 100% of jobs;
  • Universal Healthcare;
  • Free college for all;
  • Ending the mythical gender pay gap;
  • Ending fictional mass incarceration;
  • Not allowing police officers to do their job;
  • More investments in Green Crony Corporatism.

Future Fund Now has raised $85,000 and while they haven’t made any in-state contributions to candidates yet — those donations are coming.

Several Leftist Maine legislators and candidates have signed on to Future Fund Now’s radical agenda, including:

  • Minority Leader Troy Jackson, ME Senate District 1;
  • Sen. Shenna Bellows, ME Senate District 14;
  • Rep. Erin Herbig, ME Senate District 11;
  • Rep. Seth Berry, ME House District 55;
  • Sen. Ben Chipman, ME Senate District 27;
  • Ned Claxton, ME Senate District 20;
  • Sen. James Dill, ME Senate District 5;
  • Laura Fortman, ME Senate District 13;
  • Sen. Geoff Gratwick, ME Senate District 9;
  • Rep. Jim Handy, ME House District 58;
  • Rep. Erik Jorgensen, ME House District 41;
  • Karen Kusiak, ME Senate District 16;
  • Sen. Nate Libby, ME Senate District 21;
  • Rep. Louis Luchini, ME Senate District 7;
  • Rep. Anne-Marie Mastraccio, ME House District 18;
  • Michael McKinney, ME Senate District 19;
  • Sen. Rebecca Millett, ME Senate District 29;
  • Sen. Dave Miramant, ME Senate District 12;
  • Rep. Deane Rykerson, ME House District 1;
  • Linda Sanborn, ME Senate District 30;
  • Bev Uhlenhake, ME Senate District 8;
  • Sen. Eloise Vitelli, ME Senate District 23.

With so many allies, Mainers can expect to see Future Now Fund playing in legislative races as we approach November.

And then, of course, there’s the Democratic National Committee’s legislative arm. They’ve reported contributing $520,000 to Maine Democratic groups since last December.

And all this out-of-state dark money is rolling into Democrat campaign coffers at the same time the party is holding the state hostage for more Candidate Welfare crack. The irony is not lost on Rep. O’Connor.

“It is a sorry state of affairs when people believe in ‘clean election funding’ and have no idea it is a drop in the bucket compared to all of the outside interest that will try to set their agendas — no matter how damaging they are here in Maine,” Rep. O’Connor said. “I know first hand how deceitful it is. My opponents always take taxpayer dollars and then benefit from independent expenditures of dark money. We are fools to believe any election is actually clean.”

Leftists argue Welfare for Politicians is needed because it removes the role money plays in politics. Rep. Paula Sutton (R-Warren) says the opposite is true.

“When they tripled publicly financed campaign money at the ballot box with only 12.2% of all Maine voters supporting it in 2015, the promoters claim was that it would help ‘get big money out of Maine politics,’ so clearly that did not happen,” Rep. Sutton said. “Anyone with basic knowledge of campaign financing knew it would not have any impact at all. And those claiming it would, were either completely disingenuous or delusional.”

According to the Associated Press, the Maine Republican Party has raised just shy of $175,000 this year, compared to the Maine Democrat Party’s $800,000. About one-third of the Maine GOP’s money comes directly from commercial sources, while much of the state Democratic Party’s money comes from other political groups.