Did Taxpayers Fund the Pro-Ranked Choice Voting Campaign?

8/2/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Were Maine workers forced to fund the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting’s efforts to pass the failed election scheme in the Pine Tree State? The answer may lie in gubernatorial candidate, Terry Hayes’ campaign finance reports.

Last week the Maine Ethics Commission released a torrent of campaign finance data. The data from the gubernatorial candidates was what you’d expect.

Democrat nominee Janet Mills is receiving funding from the special interest groups whose back she has been scratching in Augusta.

Republican nominee Shawn Moody donated several hundred thousand more dollars to himself.

Independent Allan Caron took out a Diane Russell-style loan during a period where he raised less money in donations over several months than write-in Republican candidate Aaron Chadbourne raised in the few weeks he has been running.

Yet it was Democrat-turned-Independent candidate, and current State Treasurer, Terry Hayes, whose campaign finance reports contained possibly the biggest (hidden) bombshell (Hayes was a registered Democrat until she became an independent so that she could stand for election for state treasurer).

Hayes campaign manager, Kyle Bailey, appears to be bringing home about $5,500 taxpayer dollars per monthly from Leftist Terry Hayes’ publicly funded bid for the Blaine House.

Apparently, Hayes time working as Treasurer alongside fiscal hawk Governor Paul LePage didn’t teach her that a $66,000 per year taxpayer-funded salary for a political operative is enough — because she also paid Bailey an additional $20,000 payroll payment in June. Bailey received reimbursements separately from his salary.

This begs the question — what did Kyle Bailey do to earn the money?

While Republicans and Democrats were engaged in hotly contested primaries in June, Hayes was resting on her laurels — as independents do not face a primary. Bailey, meanwhile was running the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting.

Maine First Media pulled campaign finance reports for the Committee on Ranked Choice Voting, which Terry Hayes vocally supported. We poured through the records to see how much Bailey was compensated for his work for the Committee.

There were no direct payroll payments to Bailey. However, there were monthly payments of $7,500 to Bailey’s political consulting firm, Peachtree Stratagies. Those payments, made by Committee manager Bailey, to Bailey’s own consulting firm could have been for campaign management, or they could have been for separate consulting services, lists, direct marketing, the consulting company provided.

Now the question becomes, was the $20,000 payment a backroom deal by the Hayes campaign to compensate Bailey for running the dark-money-funded RCV effort?

If so, this is the latest shell game to funnel taxpayer dollars from hardworking Mainers into a Leftist scam to undermine the democratic principles that have defined Maine and the United States since the founding of our nation.

RCV has long been seen as a way for Leftist “Independents” like Hayes or socialist activists like Ben Chin to steal elections. Did Hayes view her windfall of taxpayer funding as too good of an opportunity to advance her agenda to pervert democratic institutions?

Georgia’s Kyle Bailey, Head of RCV Maine, meeting with President Barack Obama

Maine First Media reached out to the Hayes campaign and asked her what the $20,000 payment was for. As of the time of publishing, the Hayes campaign has not responded to our inquiries.

Continuing the trend of out-of-state influnces forcing RCV down the throats of Mainers — Kyle Bailey is from Georgia.

According to his LinkedIn account, Bailey is the owner and opperator of Peachtree Strategies LLC, a position he’s held since 2013.

However, Bailey began his political activism in our Pine Tree State in 2010 as Development Director for Maine Equality, an advocacy organization pushing for the LGBTQRSXYZ agenda in Maine.

In 2012, Bailey moved up to Finance Director for Mainers for United Marriage, the campaign to legalize gay marriage in Maine.

Before that, Bailey worked for other gay rights advocacy groups in Georgia, including Youth Pride and Georgia Equality.

Between Hayes’ RCV-friendly campaign, and the Hayes-friendly RCV Committee, Bailey was pulling down $13,000 a month. And then, of course, there’s the $20,000 bonus payment.

The Hayes campaign and the RCV Committee shared other staffer as well, including Ross Cunningham and Stephanie Berberick.

The Treasuerer of the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting is Cara McCormick. She also runs The Chamberlain Project PAC. The PAC gave the RCV Committee hundreds of thousands of dollars and about $75,000 more in in-kind contributions.

While the answers to these questions still allued us, there’s no question the cross-polination between these Leftist entities is incestious at best.