One Year Later: Wannabe Trump Assassin Still Holds Seat in Maine Legislature

7/26/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

About one year ago, sitting Representative Scott Hamann (D-South Portland) threatened to assassinate President Donald Trump.

The radical Leftist’s threat came in the middle of a profanity-laden Facebook rant filled with vile language, F-bombs and insults to any Mainers who voted for President Trump.

The Death Threat Rep. Scott Hamann followed his criminal rant with a comment threatening to sexually assault the girlfriend or wife of a Trump supporter.

Threatening the life of the President is a Class E felony, carrying with it a penalty of up to five years in prison. However, not only did the unstable Representative — who makes votes on behalf of all Mainers despite his instability — avoid jail time, but he still has his job in the Maine House of Representatives.

The Death Threat Rep, Scott Hamann did lose his job at the Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine in Portland. The question is, if Rep. Hamann was deemed by his employers to be unfit to work at a food bank — shouldn’t his position as a lawmaker be held at an even higher standard?

Of course, the answer is, yes, it SHOULD be. But life at the Swamp of Augusta is hardly ever as it should be.

Speaker of the Swamp, Rep. Sara Gideon.

Speaker of the Swamp, Rep. Sara Gideon (D-Freeport) called Rep. Hamann’s criminal Facebook tirade and assassination threat, “inexcusable.” Did she follow her words with any action? No, sadly she did not. In fact, she rewarded the Death Threat Rep. with a raise.

You see, Swamp Speaker Gideon relieved Rep. Hamann of all his committee assignments. However, legislators spend the majority of their time at the Coliseum on the Kennebec working on their committee duties. By freeing Hamann from the bulk of his workload, without reducing his pay or benefits, she effectively gave him a raise for bad behavior.

“This is Trump Derangement Syndrom on full display,” Rep. Larry Lockman (R-Amherst) said of Hamann and Gideon. “A sitting lawmaker, who represents the good people of South Portland, went on a rant that would make a drunken sailor blush. He joined in with Hillary Clinton by looking down on Trump supporters as second-class citizens. And he topped it all off by threatening to kill President Trump is they were to cross paths.”

The Maine-first Representative says Swamp Speaker Gideon also suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Rep. Larry Lockman (R-Amherst) is one of the leading voices in Augusta fighting to put Mainers first.

“To make matters worse, Madam Speaker, provided the unhinged Hamann political cover,” Rep. Lockman said. “She gave him a platform to apologize and make excuses and then lessened his workload without adjusting his compensation accordingly. That’s a raise!”

The Death Threat Rep.’s “apology” hardly registered as sincere. He said his statements were “satire,” and that he aimed to prove a point about the political discourse of the far-Right.

So, to clarify — Rep. Hamann took to Facebook, in a profanity-laced post, disparaged all Trump supporters and then threatened the life of the President as a joke. Apparently, he’s about as funny as the disgusting Michelle Wolf. Furthermore, the unstable lawmaker blames the Right for his comments — when it is his side of the political aisle that is beheading figures of President Trump, shooting Congressmen, destroying cities in protest, refusing to serve political opponents at restaurants and attempting to get anyone who disagrees with them fired from their private employment.

Maine First Project President, Rep. Lockman introduced a House Order to expel the Death Threat Rep. Hamann from the Maine State House in late July of last year.

“In my opinion, Hamann’s radical rant qualifies as a felony,” Rep. Lockman said. “But it also proved beyond a shadow of a doubt he lacks the temperament and minimal basic judgment required to vote on behalf of Mainers.”

Unfortunately, only the most conservative lawmakers voted to expel Rep. Hamann. Democrats excused his criminal behavior — while many swamp Republicans said the Democrats should handle him within their own caucus.

Did they? One year later, Rep. Hamann is still in office.

You can see a full list of who voted in favor of law and order and who voted to side with the Death Threat Rep. by clicking here.

Not only have the Death Threat Rep.’s colleagues on the Left stood by him politically, some went to extraordinary lengths in an attempt to prevent an embarrassing roll-call explosion vote from ever happening.

Godfather of the Swamp, Rep. John Martin.

“When I made it known I planned to introduce a House Order to remove the unhinged Rep. Hamann from office, I was called into Minority Leader (Ken) Fredette’s office,” Rep. Lockman recounted for Maine First Media. “Rep. Fredette told me, Ayatollah of the Allagash, Rep. John Martin had come to (Rep.) Fredette with a binder full of my past comments and he threatened to refer me to the Ethics Commission for an investigation unless I withdrew my pending House Order.”

Rep. Lockman tells Maine First Media he was unphased by the Democrat’s political blackmail tactics.

Picture of Scott Hamann’s arrest for his radical terrorist efforts in Israel.

“Fredette asked me if I still wanted to go through with the expulsion vote,” Rep. Lockman said. “I told him, ‘now more than ever.’ The so-called mainstream news has been misquoting me and taking several decades-old quotes of mine out of context for years. Nothing in (Rep.) Martin’s supposed binder scared me. When Mainers vote you into office, they expect you to do what’s right, not cover your own ass. In hindsight, I would go all-in betting Martin was bluffing. I learned a long time ago, when the Left makes threats, you double down!”

Not only did Swamp Godfather Rep. Martin fail to follow through on his threat to sponsor a House order referring Rep. Lockman to the Ethics committee — he said nothing during the floor debate on the motion to expel Rep. Hamann.

Meanwhile, the radical Leftist Rep. Hamann is no newcomer to criminal controversy. The Death Threat Rep. has ties to terrorist organizations. He was even arrested in 2010 by the Israeli Government as he worked with a radical group attempting to claim the Gaza Strip for the made-up nation of Palestine.

In the video below the Death Threat Rep. brags about his closeness to the leaders of the radical movement.

Rep. Hamann says his criminal and unstable Facebook tirade was in jest. However, he doesn’t appear to have much of a sense of humor of his own. While his radical Leftist’s contemporaries started an effort to get Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro fired from his job at a market-sector bank, Rep. Hamann threatened a lawsuit against the journalist who broke the story of his unhinged post.

One year ago, many Republicans voted against removing the Death Threat Rep. from office, saying the Democrats should handle it in their caucus. In a year’s time, Democrats have done nothing to punish Rep. Hamann for his criminal acts — in fact, they gave him a de facto raise.

We don’t yet know when the never-ending legislative session will reconvene — as we wait on Swamp Speaker Gideon and RINO-in-Chief Mike Thibodeau to reach an agreement on Candidate Welfare crack. However, when the swamp creatures return to Augusta, isn’t it time a second House Order is brought seeking justice for Rep. Hamann’s victims?

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