Maine’s GOLDEN GIRLS Patrol America’s Southern Border

7/12/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

Three Mainers looked on from an observation post from high in the Mountains of the Grand Canyon State as the Arizona Border Recon team chased away illegal Mexican cartel scouts from the mountain tops.

GOLDEN GIRL, Judy Hurst keeping a watchful eye from her observation post.

The scouts are strategically placed throughout the mountainous region to signal when the coast is clear of Border Patrol Agents. When runners get the signal, they smuggle drugs and even humans across the United States Southern Border.

President of Mainers for Responsible Immigration (MRI), Bob Casimiro along with Judy Hurst and Gail Domin recounted their story for a crowd of patriots at a recent event hosted by MRI.

“I have been going to the border since 2005 with the Minutemen,” Casimiro told Maine First Media. “This was my 10th trip and the first for the GOLDEN GIRLS.”

The GOLDEN GIRLS are Hurst and Domin. The affectionate moniker was given to them by Arizona Border Recon Field Director, Tim Foley.

After living so close to America’s Northern Border, Judy Hurst first expressed a desire to go to our Southern Border two years ago. She wanted to see for herself what is happening at the border. She was curious to observe the challenges agents face and the tactics used by the smugglers.

Unfortunately, Hurst wasn’t able to join Casimiro on last year’s trip. But the door of opportunity opened this year. Along with Casimiro and Hurst, Gail Domin seized the chance to see the action at the border first hand.

The trio excitedly traveled to Arizona with their learning caps on, looking to soak up as much information as possible.

The GOLDEN GIRLS, Judy Hurst and Gail Domin just before entering a dangerous border area.

“The GOLDEN GIRLS were thoroughly engaged and interested in our week-long exercise,” Casimiro said. “They asked a lot of questions and gathered a lot of information on the background of the participants.”

Casimiro and the GOLDEN GIRLS were joined in monitoring the illicit border activity by participants from Oregon, Pennsylvania, California, and Arizona. There was also an Australian in attendance working on his Ph.D. at a school in El Paso, Texas. And the events were all documented by an Argentine film crew.

The GOLDEN GIRLS stressed to Maine First Media how thoroughly impressed they were by Foley and his Arizona Border Recon team. They desperately want to use their experience to encourage others to experience Foley’s program and expertise.

Arizona Border Recon Field Director, Tim Foley is interviewed about his life living on the U.S./Mexican border and chasing down cartel scouts!

Foley lives fulltime at the border and has since 2010. He holds these exercises periodically. You can learn more about Foley’s efforts by clicking here. The GOLDEN GIRLS enjoyed their experience so much; they’re giving presentations to help spread the world. They hope people who are interested and able to will consider donating to Foley’s program so more patriots can see what’s happening along our border with their own eyes — and not through the distorted lens the lying, dying Fake News outlets filter the stories.

One of the things this group of American-loving Mainers noticed in their week at the border was how much more needs to be done to improve our security.

“The Border Patrol should be restructured to improve efficiency,” Casimiro said. “And Congress should stop denying Trump administration requests to close the “loopholes” in our immigration law that facilitate illegal crossing.”

Casimiro added Congress should immediately provide all the requested funding for additional resources needed to secure our border and protect American sovereignty.

The trio also takes offense to the mainstream media’s negative portrayal ICE and our Border Patrol Agents. Watching a recent episode of Border Wars highlighted for Casimiro how unfair the treatment has been.

“This program shows video of Border Patrol and Customs agents in action uncovering drugs and chasing illegal aliens,” Casimiro said. “They do a good job under difficult circumstances. It makes me furious to hear politicians attacking these dedicated agents who perform a difficult job under dangerous conditions.”

Rep. Chellie Pingree has recently been critical of ICE for separating families at the border, even though that’s not something ICE does.

Mainers for Responsible Immigration is a non-profit organization. They use events and their mailing list to take action on local, state and national immigration policies. Casimiro encourages more Mainers to get involved with these critical immigration issues. He invites anyone who wants more information to contact him at [email protected]

As for the GOLDEN GIRLS, Judy Hurst and Gail Domin, they’ve both expressed interest in returning to the border and spending another week with Foley and his Arizona Border Recon program. Meanwhile, Casimiro tells Maine First Media he will be returning to our Southern Border for an 11th visit next year.