Maine Rally Congratulating President Trump on Second SCOTUS Nomination

7/12/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

This week, President Donald Trump made history with his second Supreme Court nomination in the first two-years of his presidency.

In commemoration of the historic event, write-in Gubernatorial candidate Aaron Chadbourne held a rally to congratulate Trump.

Chadbourne and his team set up a table outside the Statehouse and passed out congratulatory postcards attendees could personalize and send to the President.

“Any day that you know you’re going to get a new Supreme Court justice, that’s a day to celebrate,” Chadbourne said.

The former Senior Policy Advisor to Gov. Paul LePage, Chadbourne was joined by a couple of young, female, Republican candidates for the Maine State House.

Bevelyn Beaty is a Maine-first candidate running in House District 97 for Rep. Erin Herbig’s open seat (Herbig is running the State Senate).

Meanwhile, Sarah Sandlin is challenging incumbent Democrat Teresa Pierce in Maine’s 44th House District.

Both Sandlin and Beaty will face up-hill climbs to make it to the State House as both districts favor Democrats.

Chadbourne says the Supreme Court was one of his most important factors in the 2016 presidential campaign.

“In the last several decades, there’s been a trend to appoint justices interested in writing the law,” Chadbourne said. “Activist judges at every level. It is amazing that this president has had the opportunity to nominate two justices in such a short period of time, unquestionably reshaping the court.”

Beaty took to Facebook Live, putting her excitement on display. The first-time candidate was most excited about how this pick could reduce abortions in the future.

Congratulations Trump!

Posted by Bevelyn Beatty on Monday, July 9, 2018

President Trump picked Justice Brett Kavanaugh to join the High Court.

The President’s pick to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy didn’t disappoint the write-in candidate for governor. Chadbourne, a lawyer who graduated from Harvard, appreciates Kavanaugh’s commitment to the Constitution and acting as a fair referee on the law.

In the image below you can see roughly where Kavanaugh’s political views fit with the other members of the court. If confirmed, he’ll replace Kennedy who was known to be the swing vote of the court.

“Despite what we sometimes hear in the news, Monday was a very positive day,” Chadbourne said. “And that’s why I’m running for Governor, so we can have many more positive days ahead.”

You can learn more about Chadbourne’s passionate bid for the Blaine House by clicking here.