Maine First Convo: The Left Doesn’t Like That I’m a Republican ~ Bev Beatty

7/19/18, Maine First Media Staff Report,

***Warning: This is not a safe space. Thought-police Leftist will be offended by the following video. Watching this video could lead Social Justice Warriors to experience side effects including bankrupting therapy bills and bed-wetting.***

This one is sure to trigger some snowflakes!

In this week’s edition of the Maine First Convo, we meet Maine-first candidate Bev Beatty.

Beatty is running for Rep. Erin Herbig’s open House seat in the 97th district against Democrat Janice Dodge.

The district is pretty blue, but Beatty is not an old-guard Republican candidate. And Dodge only won the contested Democrat primary by 111 votes.

A former Democrat herself, Beatty walked away from the party long before the recent #WalkAway movement made it cool to do so. She’s been a conservative for five years now. She moved to Maine four years ago to escape the destruction of liberalism in New York City.

Maine has won Beatty’s heart and mind. She is passionate about the greatness Maine has to offer — calling the Pine Tree State a diamond in the rough. Beatty wants to do her part to make Maine as great as it has the potential to be — and make Maine a model for the rest of the country to follow.

Beatty pulls no punches in her remarks to Maine First Media. She details how the treatment she received from Leftists as a black woman completely changed once she began thinking for herself.

And you won’t want to miss Beatty blasting feminists for their organized attack on men and her explanation as to why maintaining masculinity is so vital to America’s future.

Maine First Media reached out to Beatty’s 2018 Midterm opponent, Democrat Janice Dodge. We offered her the same opportunity to answer similar questions. However, we did not hear back from Dodge as of the time of publishing this story. Perhaps she’s dodging us? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

You can learn more about Beatty’s campaign by clicking here.